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Balanced relationship for gladsome Balance sheet

Relationship between Corporate Chef and Vendors.

To ensure availability of resources available with us at all times whether material or equipment, it is of great importance to have a smooth professional relation with vendors and as a company we value our vendors as our hands, who support us in running our business.

As a corporate chef, by developing strong, healthy vendor relationships is advantageous for organisation that  helps in gaining better value for company business. The better a Corporate chef knows its vendors , and the better vendors know the company needs , the more likely the company is  to benefit from dedicated service, preferential pricing and special terms and with the result of which everything for our company becomes more efficient, cost effective and productive.

People talk much about how to manage and nurture relationships through marketing and customer service to maximize revenues but  vendor relationship is just as important and crucial for profitability of the business.

For building better professional relationships with vendors as a corporate chef one should always base the working strategy on below mentioned strong principles for achieving a better relationship :


Effective and Open communication is at the centre of any strong vendor relationship. Not talking to the vendors ’ means we can’t learn enough about vendor resources / up gradations / new products so there should be a proper system of communication to build a mutually beneficial arrangement for the company.


As a vendor to is in business, so the chef should always be fair in their approach.


Be Open and Honest with the vendor, sharing information, being transparent about intentions and goals, again increases the likelihood of reaching agreements faster without wastage of time, which benefit both the vendor as well as the company.


Always give mutual respect/appreciation and willingness to consider the needs and opinions of vendors, clear the ground for them and Company to work in ways which maximise the interests of both.


Immediately gain the trust of the vendor while working through above mentioned 4 principles, it builds the trust and that ultimately turns out to be like cement which ensures a  strong relationship, affordable for vendors as well the company.

Enhancement in Revenues

  • We should work hard on building a good vendor relationship as we do in building a good relationship with our customers and we should be loyal to our good suppliers. They are essential to our business’s good health and growth.
  • A good vendor relationship leads to trust worthiness among the two parties, so reliability factor comes in to play, which helps in getting approved quality from the vendor on a lesser profit margin  and more returns owing to great customer satisfaction about product quality, which in turn leads to enhancement of revenue for the company through  more qualitative base sales,  as well as this way there is always a small incremental earning by saving on cost of material for the company and at the same time revenue rises due to Quality product aspect.

First choice company for any vendor to introduce his Innovations and New products will always be guided by Good Vendor relationship with competitive pricing, so this also becomes a new selling product or service of the hotel for the guest and ultimately helps in enhancing the revenue of hotel by way increasing our production capacities or first time product in the city.

Chef Nisar Ahmed:


Chef Nisar Ahmed, Corporate Chef, Mayfair Hotels and Resorts, Jaydev Vihar , Bhubaneswar