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A Four Seasons collab with dynamic Home Chefs


Bengaluru, 9th April, 2021: Local artisans and craftspeople have always been co-creators for Four Seasons chefs and bartenders. The close collaboration with the local community is a quest to bring something unique for patrons and diners of Four Seasons, while also celebrating the heritage of certain dishes.

Inspired by the recent trend of ‘go local’, the chefs at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru have teamed with 3 Home Chefs in the city to craft a compelling program called Native Kitchens. These Home Chefs will showcase their culinary craft at Sunday Superlunch, the hotel’s glorious stage for culinary and beverage showmanship for brunch, each Sunday.

In April, Chef Rhea Aaron will showcase delicious culinary specials from Goa, redolent with memories from her favourite uncle’s home in Mapusa, Goa.

Spurred by a steadfast desire to showcase Goan culinary delights to the world, Rhea Aaron ditched the professional shackles of a branded kitchen to give full creative freedom to her craft. Having worked for a few years in the hotel industry with an international brand, Rhea says she’s happiest when she is able to whip up some adored childhood recipes for her guests. The hero dishes she will showcase during brunch at Four Seasons are Chicken Bafat with a blend of fragrant spices and served with coconut rice and Prawn Balchao, a fiery, tastebud tingling dish with pickled curry sauce that is adored due to it Goan origins. Bebinca is a rich, layered cake from Goa, a veritable Indo-Portuguese lovechild. Rhea Aaron’s de-constructed Bebinca is something to look forward to.

In May, Chef Neetu Jalali, a proud Kashmiri, couturier and home chef, will whip up aromatic specialities from Kashmir.

Neetu Jalali is a home chef based in Bangalore and is one of the most passionate advocates of her native Kashmir, where she spent her beloved childhood years before moving to London thereafter. The force behind The Supper Club by Zafran in Bengaluru, Neetu is a veritable source of numerous products from Kashmir, the most adored of which are homemade plum

and apricot ice teas and traditional kehwa. Neetu’s fragrant biryani is true blue Kashmiri …redolent with the sweetly scented aroma of nostalgia and longing.

In June, guests of Four Seasons can try some delightful dishes from the North East, specifically Nagaland, showcased by Chef Lichibeni Kikon

Home chef Lichibeni Kikon had a burning desire to bring her home flavours from Nagaland to Bangalore. Several years back, she started by hosting small groups at home for meals, pulling out lavish spreads of Naga fare spanning 8 to 9 courses. ‘Just like we do at home’ says she, on her style of warm, home-style hospitality. Naga cuisine is shrouded in mystery, though this is slowly being unpacked by intrepid gourmands and curious foodies. Their smoked meats, sun-dried leaves, bamboo shoots and the wicked ghost chilli pepper (bhut jolokia) is gaining popularity across tables and supper clubs with guests wanting more.

Some of the dishes Lichibeni is known for are Roast Pork in Sundried Bamboo Shoot, Beef with Black Sesame and Chicken With Fresh Bamboo Shoot.

Diners at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru’s Sunday Superlunch are in for a treat for the next few months as we unfurl our Native Kitchens program.

Home chefs from the various parts of India are ready to cook up storms and this will be a brilliant coming together of the community, to savour and showcase the rich gems of regional cuisine.

Date: Sunday, 11th and 25th April 2021(Goan), 16th May & 30th May(Kashmiri), June (Naga)

Time: 12:30 pm onwards

Venue: CUR8

Prices: INR 2,950 all inclusive (Non-Alcoholic Package)

INR 4,900 all inclusive (Alcoholic Package)