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A Room with a Voice


By Jamila Dawoodi

“Alexa for Hospitality”

For making guests experience more alluring, bizarre and homey, Hoteliers are not failing in any step to provide their customers with a one time experience.

Amazon popularized the Amazon echo to Hospitality providers, a unique form of the company voice assistant that will be assigned on an invitation basis to hotels, vacation rental places and other location.

“Alexa for Hospitality”, this technology will benefit hotel guest in controlling room temperature, request in controlling room temperature, a request of housekeeping visit, weather updates, bookings for spa and you can also ask location specific question such as what time the pool shuts or where is the gym centre.

The very first brand to implement this into its hotel rooms is the Marriott, Westin, St Regis and Aloft. Marriott Irvine Spectrum in California and the Charlotte Marriott city centre in northern California are the specific first to use this technology in their property. Marriott is taking advantage of this feature, giving free virtual TED talks via its TED partnership.

Guests can also connect their Amazon account to their hotel rooms Alexa and then they can stream music from their personal Spotify account and listens to books from their Audible libraries. Amazon doesn’t just have its eye sets on Hotels, Company stated that the technology will make it more easy for vacation rental companies, property managers have the skill to customize Alexa with various ingenuity to suit guests needs.

Why would you Trust?

1. Hotels in which Alexa for hospitality is equipped deletes recordings daily.

2. Hotels have not been given access to voice recordings of Alexa interaction.

3. Hotels can practice Alexa for Hospitality to “measure engagement through analytics” or “customize the deployment by selecting default music station from iHeart Radio or connecting custom skills to their echo devices.

“Alexa, What’s next?