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Agra- a good market for hotels and tourism


Agra for the second consecutive year has maintained its occupancy in the late 60s. It has set a record at 67% in 2018/19. It is the highest in the data tracked in 20 years. Agra has also witnessed an increase of 7.7% in the market ADR. It has resulted in the city’s greatest growth in RevPAR (9.1%) in many years.

Somewhere a little credit can be given to the de-flagging of the two hotels in Agra, giving brand space to other hotels. But this is not the only reason for the upgraded performance of Agra. The city has increased its focus on tourism. In 2018/19 Agra saw shrinkage in the foreign leisure segment but it was tamed by the rise of individual domestic leisure and M.I.C.E segments. Definitely, they own this to the improved roads and rail connectivity to Delhi NCR, Lucknow and other neighbouring cities. 

A supply of 582 rooms in the branded space has been tracked of which 46% are under active development. Also, close to 66% of the proposed supply is expected to be positioned in the mid-market and budget space over the next five years. 

The city has seen infrastructural development such as the up-gradation of Tajganj area and inner ring road. The city now also comes under the ‘Smart City’ project hence it is highly focusing on smart options and better connectivity. Central Government is taking care of this growth. It is expected that Tourism in Agra will witness sustained growth, enabling the hotel market to remain stable in the coming years.