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Chef cooking food without oil and water


HospiBuz: Oil-free food was always heard in India but water free sounds way too impossible. How flexible is this concept? Can it match the standard of diverse Indian cuisines?

Chef Parminder Brar: Yes, that’s a unique concept started by AMC long ago to improve the health of people using it. It works on the basis that when we add extra water to the food while cooking we also lose nutrients from the food so we must use the moisture present in the food to prepare nutritious meals. For dehydrated foodstuffs like rice or dal cooking requires a normal amount of water to make it healthy.

HospiBuz: You are currently working with AMC which cooks healthy food, Without using oil and water. Please give us some more insights about AMC?

Chef Parminder Brar: AMC is the world market leader in Premium cooking systems. Its unique and advanced patented technology differentiates AMC from other available brands. Only AMC premium system can enable measuring and control of cooking temperature through Sensotherm (thermometer measuring the temperature inside the unit). Visiotherm (temperature indicator) and Audiotherm (an Acoustic device which monitors temperature and time). Our latest launch in India, Navigenio is a one of a kind mobile hotplate which enables self-controlled cooking by establishing a radio connection with Audiotherm that alerts the user whenever the temperature has to be adjusted or the food is ready to enjoy. The handy and elegant hotplate can also be used for upside down cooking thus turning AMC pot into smallest oven enabling baking, grilling and gratinating. AMC has its state of art production facilities in Italy, Germany and India with the R&D institute in Switzerland. AMC also offers 30 years warranty for all its products worldwide.

HospiBuz: At AMC you cook dishes like chicken curry and mutton curry Without using oil and water. What magical techniques do you apply to make These dishes healthy as well as tasty?

Chef Parminder Brar: For any chef, it is very important to use the best quality of ingredients and utensils in which food is getting cooked. The right way of handling your ingredients with the right kind of utensils can boost one’s creativity to prepare a dish that is healthier and tastier. Off course, as I mentioned earlier recipes, cannot be always standardized sometimes we also work with our gut feel and prepare a delicacy. Also, AMC product’s are made of superior stainless steel products which help to cook healthier food with its natural taste maintaining the nutritional quality by controlling the temperature of the food.

HospiBuz: Chef, you have entered this industry at the time when variou Different cuisines are in trend along with vegan and gluten-free food. What is your take on it? Do you think both the concepts counter each other?

Chef Parminder Brar: As a chef, I have always given importance to the health of my customers. I believe in balance diet but I do respect the demands of the customers. With increasing knowledge and exposure we try to create dishes which are nutritious, healthy, low in calories and cost-effective. We need to understand the need of the hour and develop our skills accordingly. It’s a myth that fried food is always tasty food, we at AMC cook non fried food with great taste. With changing trends nutrition knowledge is important for the people working in the food industry. I think today if we serve nutritious food it will make a healthy difference in the upcoming generation.

HospiBuz: You have worked with Taj Hotels. Please tell us about your experience and learnings with them?

Chef Parminder Brar: Every work comes with a different set of responsibilities. Sometimes, we find work to be challenging but, it gives an opportunity to prove yourself and become better at work. While my training at Taj Falaknuma Palace I had spent most of my time  in food production and food and beverage department. The experience there taught me how to manage time in busy schedules and how to learn and improve our knowledge while working with seniors. I learnt to understand the needs of the customer and their preferences. Also, chefs at Taj Falaknuma Palace are gems of the hotel, they taught me how to cook food with love because recipes are never measured but their presence is felt when the guest loves it. In addition to this Taj gives exposure to everyone who is keen about gaining knowledge. It was a great experience to be associated with one of the best brands in the world.

HospiBuz: What do you think was best taught to you at IIHM and which is the one Training that you think is now old school and should be removed?

Chef Parminder Brar:Everything at IIHM is done with full perfection under the supervision of industry professionals that gives the opportunity to students to learn practically. Also, at IIHM we organise lots of events and competitions like Young Chef Olympiad, Young chef India, Superchef, Rookie chef and food festivals which gives a platform to students to perform and showcase their skills and build connections globally. I am proud to be alumni of IIHM where I learnt about the hospitality industry and its importance in today’s world. I am grateful to my director and teachers at IIHM for helping me shape my career. Special thanks to Mansi ma’am our nutrition and communication teacher for having taught me the importance of healthy cooking and healthy eating. IIHM helps to build the overall personality of their students with great domestic and international exposure.

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