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Barbeque Nation Restaurant The World On A Grill, The Top Of The Heap: Barbeque Nation


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Barbeque Nation Restaurant The World On A Grill, The Top Of The Heap.

Barbeque Nation was founded in 2006 with a simple vision – offering a complete dining experience to customers at affordable prices.

One of the most successful casual dining chains in India, Barbeque Nation pioneered the concept of live grills embedded under dining tables – allowing customers to grill their own barbecue’s right at their tables.

A novelty at the time, the restaurant allowed clients to customize their own starters with their preference of flavours – ushering the era of ‘Do It Yourself cuisine’ in India. The look and feel of all outlets is rustic and casual with wood and open-brick wall surface. The sizzle of the grills livens up the whole atmosphere and gives diners a comfortable and cosy experience.

In its very first outlet in Mumbai in 2006, Barbeque Nation inculcated the one principle that would cause the chain to expand pan-India in an amazingly short time period, putting the customer first at all steps of the dining experience – from reserving a table and customizing the level of spiciness, to creating in house live entertainment and taking feedback from customers long after their dining experience was over.

2016 is the year of a major milestone, Barbeque Nation opened its 75th outlet in MI Road & moved international to Dubai. The brand has witnessed expansion across India, with a presence in almost every major region in India.

Barbeque Nation is a company that values relationships and satisfaction, both among its customers and employees and was awarded as 37th best places to work in India in 2016 & 36th Best in 2017 in the largest workplace study conducted by The Economic Times.

The real secret behind the Barbeque chain’s growth is the philosophy of always putting the customer first. Adhering to this principle, the restaurant chain offers innovative food festivals across outlets introducing patrons to a range of culinary and experiential aspects of interesting locations-both exotic international places and hidden gems within India.

Barbeque Nation’s tagline of “The World On A Grill” is best epitomised by their philosophy, decor and of course their food. They are the pioneers in allowing diners to grill their own starters on their table, which of course adds to the novelty value of Barbeque Nation.

Economic Times awarded Barbeque Nation as one of the top 37 best places to work in India. Apart from this, it has also earned a spot in the Top 10 Retailers to work for in 2017 list in association with Retailers Association of India.

Barbeque Nation is not just a restaurant rather it is a food journey, which takes you through so many different flavours of Asian, Oriental, Mediterranean and even American as you enjoy the pleasure of grilling your own food with the humongous assortment of dips and sauces and which is guaranteed to give you a food coma, for sure.

Barbeque Nation thinks about the preferences of the customers day in and day out and that is why they have launched “Live Counters” in their restaurants where the customer can get the food cooked as per their preferences.

As a part of the buffet, Barbeque Nation has included the Indian desserts ‘ Kulfi Nation’ in the year 2014 and offer 800 customisable flavours as per the guests.