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Cakes for all occasions


What is baking to you and how you started The Art of Baking with Sangeeta Roy Ghosh? 

Sangeeta Roy Ghosh:- Baking is now a Passion to me, I love trying and experimenting with new designs whenever there’s an opportunity. So initially it was only my page which is Sangeeta’s Cooking Mantra but I observed that our followers and bakers wanted to have more clarity and day to day conversations around baking, thus we formed the group where we have time to time contests, meetups etc. 

Do you remember your first baking success, like the first time you made a cupcake or macaroon or the first time the cake was actually as spongy as it needed to be? 

Sangeeta Roy Ghosh:- Oh yes… I made my very first theme cake for my niece. It was a frozen theme birthday party and I wanted to surprise her. Although Elsa didn’t look much like her 😉 haha! but everyone loved the cake and urged me to make more… That was a turning point for me I would say! 

Please tell us the importance of correct and appropriate Nozzle and piping tools for proper cake decoration and which is your favourite Nozzle and piping tools brand? 

Sangeeta Roy Ghosh:- Well it is absolutely necessary to understand the importance of different nozzles and the techniques that come along as it can either make or break the show. Frosting is very very intricate work and you do need good nozzles and tools for that. One such favourite nozzle of mine would be Wilton 1M/2D tip. It can be used in multipurpose designs… so this one is surely on the list. 

Once the design is provided to you by the customer, how do you make sure that the design of the cake is exactly what is provided to you? 

Sangeeta Roy Ghosh:- I always make it a point to plan my work well ahead of time. So for each order I have separate sheets where I note down every possible specification right from design to flavour to the date and time for delivery/pick up of the cake. That allows me room to work on multiple cakes at the same time without any confusion. I even prefer date wise planning for the cake from baking to delivery. For example, I would always start with the toppers/figurines first so that they dry out in time. 

Kindly tell us, which cake you’re most proud of making? 

Sangeeta Roy Ghosh:- Now that’s a tricky question… Actually I love to work with fondant because there are no limitations and you can create almost anything with it. As I do not have any formal training in baking or cake decoration, so every cake is a new challenge for me. My current favorite is a bust cake that I made from scratch which involved immense hard work and techniques that I was able to pull off with bare minimum tools since I am not a sculptor and did not have professional tools for it. Having said that I also enjoy working with whipped cream, Ganache and wafer papers. 

What unique techniques and flavour pairings have you learned that you’ve incorporated unexpectedly into your baking? 

Sangeeta Roy Ghosh:- I have tried Chili Chocolate some years back when I had to develop a new recipe for a restaurant. That was a hit and everyone loved it. Talking about techniques, I am a certified Interior Designer and we were taught to create our original furniture designs using a mood board. So I try to incorporate that for my cakes for originality and try teaching the same to my students as well because it’s a competitive market and you need to be original. 

How different is it to bake for a customer and teach in a baking class and what do you enjoy more? 

Sangeeta Roy Ghosh:- Baking is more relaxing as you can be in your own comfort zone and can create as you wish but it’s a different game altogether when you have to ensure that your students are able to learn and deliver the same skill-set and replicate and create their own unique designs in a short period of time as a few hours and with no scope of error at all. I personally love teaching more. 

When it comes to baking, which is your favourite brand in terms of ingredients and why? 

Sangeeta Roy Ghosh:- The ingredient market has really opened up and there are many indigenous companies/brands which are moving neck to neck with foreign brands and making good quality products. 

Bakery world is not only about cakes and cupcakes, please tell us more items that are part of the bakery world and loved by your customers? 

Sangeeta Roy Ghosh:- There are endless possibilities.. some of them other than cakes and cupcakes would be cheesecakes, dessert in jars, pies, tarts, cake sickles, macarons, royal icing cookies… I can go on and on ☺