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Checkout the ‘Robot Chef’ who makes sausages


21st Century is the age of machines where all the major tasks are performed with the help of machines. Nowadays the ‘bot chef’ is there in the news .It’s a machine which not only takes orders from the customers; it also cooks the sausages according to their specifications and then serves them. The machine works without any human interference.

The bot chef is originally created by Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI),which is a Germany-based technology company. The Bot chef is made up of one robot arm, with a pair a tongs which is used to hold and flip the sausages and a standard gas grill.One special application known as the BratWurst Manager has also been installed which schedules the turning times and delivery to ensures good taste.

The bot chef is first tested at an event for German State representatives, called the Stallwächter Party, where the bot served more than 200 sausages all through the event.