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Aspiring to be a chef at a 5-star Hotel?


By Avni Jain

Remember these points.

The master of cuisine, culinary and creativity-the chef. Hotels are very particular regarding their chefs and culinary professionals. If you aspire to be a chef at an esteemed hotel, you need some below-mentioned traits and acquire some characteristics to ace your job and survive like a gem.

Cook your best: from choosing the finest ingredients to concentrating on the minute details, the chef should know it all. From a chef, good food is expected “all the time”.The primary focus of any chef should majorly be on the food, it’s quantity, it’s taste,  it’s aroma. Delicious food which happily satisfies the guests takes you to the ceilings of financial and motivational aspects.

Imagination in handy: Being a chef is all about taste, food, and presentation. Your dish should represent your personality. Whether a fresher or an experienced personnel, imagination cannot be left out at all.

Obey criticism: in the hotel industry, if the customer is happy, you rock! Your opinion at times, might not be appreciated by employers, guests or your colleagues. Chefs should have the capability to accept the criticism and act according to what’s expected from you.

Your palette should speak: your thought process, and ideologies should be depicted in your plate. All the ingredients should be well blended in the serve. The chef should have the ability to use natural ingredients and discerning flavours.

In love with your job: In order to be a great chef, you need determination and a lot of passion. Being a professional chef demands more working hours than any other profession. There has to be a lot of scope for improvement on day to day basis and no stopping.

Keep the cool: the kitchen of great hotels are always in hustle-bustle. To work in this squeezed situation, being a cool-headed person is an important skill. Grinding yourself as per the hectic situation is important and necessary in order to sustain as a respectable chef in the hospitality sector.

To seek a position as a well-defined chef, you should be distinctive, brainy and bold. You should always be specific and particular about cooking and organizing. Career as a chef is always bright, respectable and full of enthusiasm, providing shooting opportunities for growth.