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Chef Zareen Shaikh, Queen of Entremets | Pastry Chef and Instructor


Zareen Shaukat Shaikh is a pastry chef and instructor based out of Mumbai. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, London, and having trained under the tutelage of international pastry chefs such as Antonio Bachour, Nina TarasTova, Tony Rodrigues, Tan Wei Loon, Zareen has over seven years of experience.
Zareen began baking as a hobby, and baked for a few friends. After garnering some (surprising) rave reviews, she began taking orders, and started baking from home.

To hone her skills, she began researching for courses, and applied to Sophia College Mumbai, for their Baking and
Patisserie course. To her shock, she was rejected. Shethen found her second option, and the best decision she
made: a diploma from Le Cordon Bleu, London.

After she returned, she set up Cake Me Out. She continued operating from home, even converted her bedroom into a small pastry kitchen, and began taking orders, as well as conducted small classes to teach people both basic as well as advanced desserts.
Slowly, as time progressed, she did a lot of self-learning, self-improving, as well as attended workshops and short
courses conducted by coveted international chefs, to continue learning and growing. In no time, a young girl
from a sheltered background rose to become a self-made entrepreneur. Even though they were just baby steps.

She began expanding, and conducting full-fledged workshops in hired studios, that went on for two days each, and taught complicated French desserts, bonbons, as well as introduced Eggfree Macarons to the Indian crowd. She not only conducted workshops in Mumbai, but also travelled across the country to conduct workshops. And people were eager to learn from her.
In late 2020, she finally fulfilled her dream, and set up her own studio, rebranded herself to Zareen Shaukat, Pâtissier,
and is now churning out orders, conducting workshops and living her best life!
Oh, and did we mention, she is the Queen of Entremets, aspiring to pass on her love of caking, baking and being a
pastry chef to students in India as well as across the globe.