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Experience an Evening of Art at The Sheraton Grand Pune


Sheraton Grand Pune, one of the oldest and the most iconic hotels in Pune will be playing host to the work of maestro M. Narayan. The Pune based artist’s work depicts a zestful life, the lavishness of his colours evoke celebrations and the bonheur. He reiterates through his painting that bright bold colours like turmeric yellow, kumkum red, indigo blue, parrot green and Saffron orange capture the ethos of India. Defining this country given its diversity is always challenging.

Narayan captures two of its distinct aspects in this body of work. One is the rustic, humble people and life in the remote areas in Karnataka. The other is the contrasting world of the equestrian sport of polo that engages a few privileged in Urban India.

In this exhibition, he uses bright dissonant hues to create a sense of space and evoke movement, depth, and shape to the animate and inanimate forms. Under Narayan’s vision the pastoral springs to life and competes for attention against speedy, up-tempo urban life. The wild exuberant color palette instills a passionate vigor in his creations which draw the viewer to see India through his eyes.

A treat awaits the art lovers in the city at Sheraton Grand Pune!

Where: Bene, Sheraton Grand Pune

Date & Time: 15th March 2019, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

What: Art Exhibition by M. Narayan

Contact – 020 6641 1111