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Experience the magic of love this Valentine’s Day with the DIY Kit & Heart Shaped Chocolate Pizza at 7th Heaven


Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and your favourite dessert store, 7th Heaven – India’s ultimate cake & dessert chain with 150 stores in more than 75 cities and 21 states has it all. Right from macarons, to cupcakes, to brownies, to tarts, to customised and photo cakes and much more So you’re probably trying to figure out what to do to make your date feel special. Of course, a sweet note and maybe a little gift is always a good idea, but how you spend the day and what you eat is important, too.

Don’t you think gifting your partner regularly flowers and Teddy bear  is old school? As baking is not everyone’s cup of tea 7th Heaven has introduced a Do-It-Yourself concept to impress your date wherein you can decorate the cake and make it look as beautiful as your partner. It is so easy to just get something from the store for your loved ones. So do something special and add your essence of love this Valentines by creating your own cake with a personal touch and feel which is surely to impress your partner with their Do-It-Yourself concept just starting at INR 450.  Not only that, 7th Heaven also has 10% off on Special Chocolate Boxes, Heart Shaped Cake, cupcakes and Cakesicles.

You don’t need a fancy, expensive dinner to impress your Valentine, you just need to cater to what he or she loves to eat. And if one of those foods is pizza, you’re in luck. Because 7th Heaven has the best Heart Shapped Chocolate Pizza just at INR 500 in which the crust is made of chocolate chips and vanilla cookie dough. Baked to perfection till it reaches the perfect texture of soft and crunchy, layered with dark chocolate ganache and topped with delightful treats like chocolate chips, kit kat, gems, almonds, and much more. These are prepared only on order basis, it is wise to place your orders beforehand to receive them right on time. So pre-book now!

Spend this Valentine’s day in a unique and atypical setting with a picturesque view as you celebrate and cherish the magic of love and life.

About 7th Heaven:

Kitchen Fragrances India LLP is a parent company of 7th Heaven which is one of India’s largest and most dynamic dessert chain. The first store was launched in 2013 in Lokhandwala and from there the journey of 7th Heaven begain. The franchise model was started a year after the launch, 2014. 7th Heaven has rapidly grown in the retail space in a traditional and trendy concept. It has created a strong connect with dessert lovers across India with 150 stores in more than 75 cities and 21 states. Right from Ladak, Jammu to Tamil Nadu , and Gujarat to Manipur which makes us the Largest Bakery Chain in India in terms of cities covered. We specialize in International desserts under one roof. Right from macarons, cupcakes, brownies, tarts, cakes, customised cakes, photo cakes and many more products. 7th Heaven has a ‘very different and never done before concept’ of Live Kitchen – There is a part of the kitchen where customers can see their cakes being made live in just 7 minutes!