Flavors of Darjeeling this Sunday at The Square, Novotel Pune


Pune, July 11, 2019: Come monsoon, we all want to escape to the hills. The idea of greenery all around with the chill mountain air and the delicious food relaxes the mind and soul.

The Square, Novotel Pune, invites you on a thrilling journey of undiscovered Darjeeling. The cuisine is an eclectic but sumptuous mix of flavours from different cultures. The native Lepchas, the migrant Gurkhas, the Sherpas and even the Bengalis from Siliguri have had some influence.

The rice and noodles are the base for almost all the food, and the potato is also very common. The starch is a perfect complement to the cold weather. A lot of vegetables are often part of the mix and definitely some meats too.

All of this comes together in a delicious blend of subtle flavours. The hot and spicy condiments like the chutney served with momos are a perfect complement.

Some of the other delicacies include the famous soup Thukpa, Bengali fish curry, mutton curry and many more.

So, come give your taste buds a tantalizing experience!

Date: Sunday, July 14, 2019

Time: 12:30 Pm- 4:00 pm

Venue: The Square, Novotel Pune