Foreign tourist went back to Belgium within 24 hours because of harassment.


HospiBuz Desk

A Belgium women came to see India but had left the country within 24 hours of her arrival, because of being harassed by several people including auto rickshaw, fake policemen’s, and a travel agency.

The lady landed Delhi Airport on 6th of December 2018 around 4 p.m, bought a sim card from there she took an autorickshaw that took her to minto road. In the middle of a road, the driver allegedly stopped in front of two men who show themselves as police persons and told her that the area was cordoned off because of protests and she cannot proceed further without permission from the tourist police.

The autorickshaw dropped her off a few minutes later at a spot where there were six men in uniform. She was also shown ‘violent protest’ videos saying it is happening live, one of the men in uniform also said that if your jewelry is real removed it immediately otherwise they will cut your fingers.

The men then offered to call the hotel she had booked. She was allegedly conned into believing that her booking was cancelled.

Then the men suggested her to go to central Delhi and directed her towards an autorickshaw, which was waiting outside the ‘police center’.

The driver took her to a travel agency in the NDMC market where she was received by two men. They allegedly made the women talk to a few people over the phone for a hotel booking.

She got offended by the situation in the meantime they offered her some expensive hotel, I got exhausted with the situation and said yes to a hotel and paid $40 cash.

She was then allegedly taken in a cab with a male driver and two women who dropped her at a hotel, where the driver spoke to the receptionist and taken her to the third floor with no windows and no internet connectivity.

There, then she locked herself in the room, several times someone knocked at the door.
Then somehow her sim card got activated and she narrated the whole incident to her acquaintance in Rishikesh. The acquaintance then called that hotel which was booked earlier and they said that the hotel had not canceled her booking. A staffer of the hotel then came and took her there. The next morning she took the first flight back to Belgium.

Returning to her country she wrote to the Belgium Embassy, which further shared the complaint with the ministry of external affairs. A case has been registered and an investigation has started after the Ministry wrote to the Delhi police.

We say very proudly ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ but this is what Incredible India people behave with a foreign visitor to the country. This is really very disappointing and shaming.