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Forget charcoal- IT’S all about gold!


HospiBuz Desk

After all the innovations in the world, this too has happened “GOLD ICE -CREAM!” you might have heard about several unique combinations in food and you might have definitely tried some of them. But this one is really interesting, different and surprising and tops the list because no one would have ever thought about gold ice-cream.

Edible gold is a trend that has been going viral online for quite some time! There is gold-plated ice-cream, gold-plated doughnuts and even gold-plated pizzas.

Pure milk Ice-cream brand Havmor launched The MIghty Midas, Indias most expensive ice-cream dessert, at Huber and Holly its flagship ice-cream in Ahmedabad first. Huber and Holly have now outlets in three cities in India – Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Hyderabad. The ice-cream parlour is going viral on social media for its delicious desserts, especially gold ice-cream which is made from 17 ingredients and is topped with a 24-carat edible gold leaf.

The ice-cream contains a waffle cone that is filled with brownie bits, caramelised almonds, nutty praline, crushed choco-hazelnut balls, a generous helping of hot fudge, three scoops of dark Belgian chocolate ice-cream, chocolate spheres filled with hot fudge, a swirl of golden chocolate ice-cream, a caramel chocolate bar topped with gold flakes, pipette filled with passion fruit juice, a raspberry macaron and much more and at top comes wrapped in a 24-carat gold foil with edible gold flakes.