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Fun Facts about Pasta.


By: Rahul Bist

Pastas are not just snack or junk food. There is much more about it which people really don’t know. Many people avoid pasta thinking it to be unhealthy. These facts about Pasta will surely break such taboos. 

1. Pasta is so healthy that it can be consumed in Diet as well.

2. Pasta is also cooked as desserts.

3. It has low sodium so people suffering from the problem of High Blood Pressure can also consume it.

4. Certain form of Pasta is fat-free.

5. The average American consumes nearly 9 kg of
pasta annually.

6. In France, per capita, pasta consumption is 8.1 kg

7. In Germany, it is 7.7 kg per capita, according to International Pasta Organisation’s data.

8. Nevertheless, none of the nations has even been
close to beating Italy with a per capita consumption of 23.5 kg.

Say Yes to Pasta. Bon Appetit.

About the Author
Rahul Bist 
Aspiring Gourmet Chef- IHM Chennai. He loves cooking, traveling and watching shows.