Healthy and Happy Diwali with Asahi Kasei


Asahi Kasei ismaking its way in every Indian household through its kitchen revolutionary products. Their products have been designed to meet the trends of changing lifestyles by making baking fun, cooking healthier and the food fresher. 

1. Zipper Bag (Rs.249): The unique seal-tight double line zipper gives it an edge over other similar products available in the market.

  • Easy to open and close with anti-slip technology: it can be used for multiple purposes such as freezing/refrigerating, storing at room temperature.
  • Carrying cooked food to the office, picnics or while travelling.
  • Can also be used to cook and store a week’s worth of food and smoothie preparations.
  • Keeping even chopped fruits fresh for long and helping one manage their meals and fruit combos for the week in a hassle-free way, the zipper bag allows one to maintain a healthy regime easily. 
  • The novel labelling space used on the bag lets one organize a week’s food  efficiently by using the label to indicate the designated day or type of meal stored in the zipper bag.

2. Frying Pan Foil (Rs.249): This product is one of its kind, the best replacement for people who are on a specific diet or follow eating healthy food and prefer having similar lifestyles.

  • The frying pan foil has a Silicone coated on one side, this prevents food from sticking to the foil. Using the product eliminates the need for oil, making meals healthier.
  • It eliminates the requirement of coated cookware and post-cooking clean up and it reduces the number of pans (Tava, frying pan, dosa tawa) required in your kitchen. One can make any pan-fried food like dosa, Uthappa, paneer tikka, omelet, fried eggs without using oil.
  • It promotes Oil-free cooking – one does not have to use oil, butter or any greasing for one to cook their meals. Hence, promotes a healthy lifestyle.