Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa Introduces Longan Delights For The Months of June and July


PHUKET, THAILAND —June 18, 2019 — One season ends and another begins. At the start of this rainy season, Hilton Phuket brings an extraordinary twist to your dining experience by introducing their seasonal produce for the months of June and July: Longan!

Native to Southern Asia, longan is undeniably among the most underrated tropical fruits.

Known to be delicious and nutritious, there’s more to the longan fruit than just its plain color.

Get to know the refreshing flavor and versatility of longan with Hilton Phuket’s mouth-watering culinary offers for this season.

Panang lumyai gai yang Praiw waan lumyai goong.

Thai Thai Restaurant welcomes foodies to experience the taste of Thailand and Phuket with the goodness of longan exuding over delicious local dishes.

Panang lumyai gai yang is to die for with tender grilled chicken meat smothered in rich panang curry sauce. It comes with a generous amount of longan to neutralize the burst of flavors and textures. Try it for yourself for only THB 230++.

Praiw waan lumyai goong is a real treat for seafood and Thai food lovers. The fresh prawn flavor deliciously blends in with the sweet and sour goodness of special longan sauce prepared by Hilton Phuket’s very own Thai chef. Don’t miss this local treat for only THB 290++.

Sail away with your hunger and head over to Sails Restaurant for some more delightful dishes with a twist of longan.

If you want to feast healthily, allow yourself to indulge in the goodness of Roasted pork tenderloin with asparagus, carrots, and a tasty longan sauce for only THB 450++.

Sails Restaurant also boasts of a great-tasting Thai recipe. Panang Nuea Lumyai is a stir-fried beef recipe with panang curry and longan sauce. Try it for only THB 420++.