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Honey Tub,promise of purity and excellence.


Samrath Garg is the founder of Honey Tub, an emerging superfood brand recognized by the Start-up India Initiative for its naturally extracted flavored honey. Samrath has established the company in 2018 with the aim of making optimum use of horticulture practices to offer a premium range of flavored gourmet honey.

In his exclusive interview with HospiBuz, Samrath discussed the various speciality of his brand and how the brand sources naturally flavored honey directly from over 20 farmers to retain its purity.

Hospibuz: How the idea of HoneyTub stuck in your mind?

Samrath Garg: Over the years, Indian honey market has seen exponential growth and is now a leading exporter of honey. However, most of the premium quality honey is exported and quality available in the Indian market is sub-standard. Owing to the increasing demand for natural and organic products, HoneyTub was established with an aim to sell unadulterated honey and thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Hospibuz: There are many competitors in the market which deal in the same sector. What unique HoneyTub delivers to be different in the market?

Samrath Garg: We not only aim at selling honey but also wish to be honey specialist in the market. Our processing is to procure honey directly from the farmers to ensure that we deliver the best quality of honey and farmers receive a fair price for their produce. Since it is directly extracted from different fruits and plants, we do not add any additional flavour to it.

Hospibuz: How HoneyTub manages to make optimum use of horticulture practices and offers a premium range of flavoured gourmet honey?

Samrath Garg: The honey we bring to the market is extracted directly from the most pristine lands of India. We are directly associated with over 20 farmers, eliminating the need of middlemen to ensure the final product reaching to the market is unadulterated and farmers get the right value.

Hospibuz: HoneyTub offers four delectable flavours of honey, which are Jamun, Eucalyptus, Multi-flora, and Litchi. What are the health benefits of these flavours?

Samrath Garg: Each flavour that the brand offers possesses a different taste, aroma and health benefits.

• Jamun honey has a unique sharp taste filled with the sweetness of honey, contains a low glycaemic index which makes it consumable for diabetic patients. It also helps in combating a number of health problems such as digestion, infection and minimalizing the risk of liver diseases.

• Eucalyptus honey possesses anti-bacterial properties that help in alleviating mild cough, chest congestion, headache and respiratory problems. Extracted from the deep forests, eucalyptus honey has a warm woody flavour and provides a soothing after-effect.

• Multi-flora honey is a blend of honey from diverse florals and is used as a natural anti-biotic, naturopathy and allopathy.

• Litchi honey contains many nutrients and vitamins that help fight against various heart diseases, cancer, helps you maintain healthy bones and possesses anti-ageing benefits.

Hospibuz: What’s special is there in the packaging of HoneyTub to preserve its purity?

Samrath Garg: HoneyTub satisfies the promise of purity and excellence by packaging honey in food grade glass bottles instead of plastic bottles. Honey naturally has some water content present in it and storing honey in plastic bottles lead to loss of water and degrades its quality or can leech chemicals in the product.

Hospibuz: How do you check the quality of the Honey sourced by various farmers?

Samrath Garg: Quality of honey is something HoneyTub is building on and we can’t afford to compromise on that. Thus, we have a tie-up with government approved FSSAI lab and every batch we procure goes through a few lab tests. Also, the upper limit of sucrose content is 5% as approved by FSSAI but we generally get for 0%.

Hospibuz: India has a huge and diversified market. How you strategize your product to beat your competitors?

Samrath Garg: We pay utmost attention to stand at par in the market in terms of quality, value for money and health benefits. We consistently try to maintain and improve the quality in accordance with the Indian market. In the coming times, we also plan on diversifying our product range and provide options other than raw honey.

Hospibuz: One line for HoneyTub?

Samrath Garg: A brand that delivers honey from beekeepers to honey lovers.

Thank you so much for your prestigious time!!