How a good staff can retain your customer


HospiBuz Desk

When the name of a restaurant come, what comes first to our mind is FOOD, but there are many more factors as to why one prefers a restaurant over the rest.

Customer not only go for dining in a restaurant but they go there for the full experience.

Therefore today we will talk about how a kind and skilled staff can hold a restaurant’s customer

SMILE-   “Your smile is your logo”

Imagine you enter a hotel and the receptionist wishes you without a smile on a face, will you feel positive?  Does that presence of positivity will occur without a smile on a face. Probably not, therefore a good staff is one who welcomes their guest with a warm, and positive smile which will maintain an environment of happiness. A smile shows interest, excitement, and a comfort zone.

EYE CONTACT- “Eye contact is more intimate than words will ever be”

Direct eye contact with a customer speaks to them, it feels like ‘yes you are invited there’. Greet a customer, and let them feel that you are glad the customer has come to dine in your restaurant. It is not about staring the customer, but it is looking diners in the eyes, continuing to blink and nodding during the conversation. The reason behind an eye contact is to show that the staff is interested and actively listening.


If the staff works in a hurry the guests will feel like uninvited and they will not be able to enjoy properly the meal, hurriedness creates lack of communication, therefore, whether the staff is slow or extremely busy have patience to deal with customers.


Your staff should bring the bill gently on the table and tell the guests thank you for coming and that they hope to see them again soon. The more politely the staff will act the more chances of getting a good tip will increase.

BODY LANGUAGE“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”

Body language is the non-verbal form of communication and it speaks volume telling your customers many things and it is the key to earn the loyalty of the customers. How the staff will portray among the customers that will create an image of the restaurant and will call them again and again.


If a customer is coming regularly to your hotel than it is the responsibility of the staff to understand their taste and offer them accordingly to make them happy and being satisfied with the services of the restaurants.

DEAL WITH UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER- “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”

The most difficult thing in this world is to deal with ‘human’ so if your staff has enough capability to deal with the most unsatisfied customer then they can advertise and portray your brand to their best marketing, because branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room.


To wait is the most annoying thing everybody feels. Lying customer is what irritates them the most, so tell them the truth about how much time they need to wait for the food. It builds restaurant loyalty and belief towards customers.


Choosing the right tone of your customer support staff is not a one-off task. Tone needs to constantly evolve to meet the needs of your varying customer base. You need to train your customer service staff to be empathetic to the needs of the customer.

Adopting a neutral tone is perhaps the safest method for staff to engage customers. Avoid using slang words or casual greetings, use ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ rather than ‘hi’ or ‘thanks’.

There is only one BOSS ‘the customer’. And he can fire everybody
In the company from the chairman on down. Simply by spending his money somewhere else.
Happy customers are a direct result of happy staff.