How to deal with the Tasting Interviews?


HospiBuz Desk

Hotel management institutes give nice training to aspiring chefs. Although in some places, the knowledge provided is more theoretical, when actually it should be more practical. These aspiring chefs reverie to work with luxurious hotels. But they have a lot of doubts uncleared when appearing for the interviews of such hotels. Some of them end up losing the opportunity. These luxurious hotels certainly conduct a tasting interview before hiring an aspiring chef. These tasting interviews are generally market-based.

A chef can prepare a dish of his choice. Perhaps a trendy dish of the market of a signature dish of any restaurant. The employers don’t ask them to bombard the plate with a dynamic invention. But at the same time tasting interviews show various aspects of a chef’s abilities. In these tasting interviews, employers generally check the sense of flavours, work habits, quality of food and timing and how the candidate deals with people. A lot of candidates well suited for the jobs lose their chances because of these tasting interviews. They end up in a state of oblivion about their inabilities. Following things should be kept in mind when giving a tasting interview.

You should know what your employer is looking for. Your concept should the demands of the company should be very clear. If they stress on local food or a particular cuisine, then they are serious about it. Ask them queries about your doubts, take notes or call them again in case of further questions. Lesser the doubts, better the work.

Missing a tasting would be the worst mistake ever committed until you have an extreme emergency. Schedule your entire day accordingly. If you need to travel for the tasting, make sure to reach the night before. Don’t be rude by being late or missing the session. Keep all the parameters clear. Are you choosing the menu or will it be their choice? What all you need for preparations? For how many people you need to prepare the food? How much time do you need? Etc.

One thing should be strictly kept in mind that tasting interview is not a place where you try to become gallant by trying something new. It is not the time to challenge yourself. Make sure you don’t cross your comfort zone. Prepare something which you are good at. Avoid last minute changes. Don’t miss the presentation. Conduct a mock tasting interview at home before the actual one.

A chef’s power is his tool kit. Make sure you take your own chef whites and tool kit along with you. Never opt for a dish which requires complex utensils. Prepare something which needs basic utensils.

Be respectful to everyone you talk to. You are being watched while you work in the kitchen. Make sure that you work professionally and cleanly. Check out space in advance by reaching early. Don’t get perplexed and rely on the training which you have received.

Once the tasting is finished, go to the dining room. These are counted as good manners. Don’t do it if asked not to do so. Treat your employer like your guests. Ask them about their experience. Tell them if you faced any problems. Discuss the dish with them.

Clean your counter yourself and thank the staff you have worked with. Shake hands. If you are offered an alcoholic drink, decline it politely. Make sure not to sit at the bar for another drink once the tasting is over. End your interview with a mail of gratitude whether you get the job or not. It sticks your image in your employer’s mind. And it can work as magic later.