How to Start an Ice Cream Brand


The ice-cream trends have witnessed substantial evolution in the recent past. The industry has generated revenue of more than US$1.5 billion in 2016 and is expected to more than double to generate over $3.4bn by 2021. At the same time, the big transition took place from Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry to an array of innovations in ice-creams like Frozen Yoghurt and more in terms of product innovation. The macro and microeconomic elements that made the ice cream business more viable and profitable in present times are increasing the disposable income of the middle-class population, acceptance of global trends, and reduced impact of seasonality with people preferring to go out and consuming ice cream in a non-summery season as well. Ice creams have now evolved to a stage where it is largely and happily perceived as a snacking option by consumers further deepening its market impact thus making it a lucrative business.

Let’s find how the Ice cream business is more than unique flavors, right pricing, and high-footfall market!

Good Market Research –

To get ideas about price quotes, varieties of ice creams served in other ice cream parlors thus helping you to construct the best and unique services and strategies to plan your business accordingly.

The right thing to do –

Spend ample time and revenues for extensive field research for finding out the estimated investment, good location, or to decide whether to start an individual ice cream shop or to go ahead with a branded franchise.

Decide on the Format –

To decide and choose the perfect ice cream form for your ice cream factory business, the forms range from Nitrogen Ice Cream to Black Ice Cream to Fried Ice Creams and more.

The right thing to do –

Decide on formats on basis of availability of the types of equipment and raw ingredients. Picking out an exotic format and failing to acquire the raw ingredient on time can prove bad to the brand standard.

Carve your USP –

The idea is to make your brand more appealing to the customers, thus settling onto differentiating factors that make your brand unique and high selling in the business!

The right thing to do –

Location –

Choose between The Big Twos – whether a fixed or movable shop! On average, an ice cream parlor requires a 400-500 Sq Ft carpet area shop or a small food truck which has the necessary arrangements for refrigeration.

The right thing to do –

To give your business the chance of exposure and achieve an increase in sales and demand from the customers choose strategic locations which fall in crowded areas like shopping malls, markets, festive localities and more.

Menu Planning –

To list out kitchen equipment that will be required for further budgeting your purchases and preventing your business plan from falling out of your budget. This also helps with creating your unique selling point in terms of ice-cream innovations.

The right thing to do –

Keep the pricing the low initially in order to penetrate the market and distribute free samples.

Licensing and Documentation –

Since ice cream comes under the food category so all the licenses required are quite similar to that of a QSR – Shop establishment licenses, FSSAI licenses, Local Municipal Authority license and Fire license.

The right thing to do –

Take help of a consultancy to get all the required licenses!

Promotion –

To get the right branding and marketing strategy, one needs to have appropriate product promotion on the appropriate platform. To get the brand proper exposure on different social media platforms.

The right thing to do –

Keep your focus on your USP, and target it to your potential customers. Figure out some offers and schemes for attracting customers from time to time. People these days are growing insta-friendly so keep up with the crowd take your brand on social platforms.

Retain Consistency –

Be it one ice cream parlor or a chain of outlets, what creates loyal customers is the fact that the brand is providing the same taste and quality in ice cream portion that they sell.

The right thing to do –

Standardization of recipes is a must in ice cream parlors! For multiple outlets, brands can make efficient use of Central Kitchen Management, which ensures easy distribution of your products from the base kitchen to different outlets.

1. What’s unique about this business is that one doesn’t need a proper Chef or Bar Tender whose salaries are way too high. 
2. Since ice-cream is usually consumed as a dessert item, the prime time of ice cream sales is 9 PM onwards.
3. Right implementation of marketing and selling techniques like low pricing, home deliveries, unique menu, discounts and offers, gifts and combos on festive seasons etc, ensure a good increase in sales and profit margin.