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In Conversation with Mr. Alejandro Leo is the Director of Shamana Spa and Recreation, Grand Hyatt Goa


Mr. Alejandro Leo is the Director of Shamana Spa and Recreation, Grand Hyatt Goa. Alejandro has more than 16 years of varied experience in the spa industry. He is originally from Merida, Mexico and began his career in the year of 2000 working with global brands like Le Meridien, Rosewood and Orient Express Hotels.

Alejandro has been for designing and developing spas and its facilities. Under his guidance and leadership, numerous spas have bagged the industry’s most renowned awards. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Technologico de Cancun, Mexico and has also completed several programs in therapies of Reiki and Quantum Touch and Spa Management Certifications.

HospiBuz: Please tell us how does spa and wellness add and enriches the customer’s experiences in Hotels and resorts. How has Shamana Spa been an asset to the Grand Hyatt, Goa resort? 

Mr. Alejandro Leo: Goa is a destination synonymous with relaxation. Our guests often choose to travel to Goa to unwind, making it the ideal as a premium spa and wellness centre. Shamana Spa at Grand Hyatt Goa is a full service, well equipped spa and wellness centre offering a myriad of services which include South Asian and Ayurvedic spa treatments, a fitness centre, a relaxation studio and beauty salon all in one place. To add to this, Shamana Spa also has indoor and outdoor pools, wet areas with sauna, steam, plunge pools and whirlpools making it an ultimate paradise resort temple. Shamana Spa now also boasts of Halotherapy treatments in the sauna room and fitness centre, a salt wall therapy when activated with heat are hygroscopic and act as natural ionizers, fostering the exchange of negative ions that detox and rejuvenate the body inside out. These services and innovations in wellness are well appreciated by guests making Shamana Spa a valued asset in guest services, with a constant drive to innovate and ensure the best in class services.

HospiBuz: Please share about behind the idea of coming up with the Shamana Spa in the Grand Hyatt, Goa and please tell us about the recreation of Shamana Spa to gain so much height today?

Mr. Alejandro Leo: We constantly strive to ensure our guests are offered the best in class services. Our hospitality is aimed at making guests feel relaxed and at ease like they would be in the comforts of their home even when travelling. To ensure this, Shamana Spa is an organically developed asset; a wellness destination where guests can relax, have fun and spend quality time with their family and friends.


HospiBuz: With so much competition what is your plan of action in enhancing Shamana Spa to be at the top and be the ultimate wellness destination?

Mr. Alejandro Leo: I have exciting plans in developing Shamana Spa to become the ultimate wellness destination, and take the spa industry in Goa and India to new heights. India is a beautiful country; rich in culture and tradition and has offered Ayurveda and Yoga to the world; this is one of India’s biggest strength in the field of wellness. With Goa being one of the most sought after travel destinations for Indian and international tourists alike, this is a great opportunity to advance Shamana Spa to a new level of wellness. We are constantly innovating and one recent feather in our hats is the halotherapy treatment in our sauna and fitness studio.

HospiBuz: Please tell us about the spa and services available at Shamana Spa and how Shamana Spa different from any other Spa present in Goa?

Mr. Alejandro Leo: Shamana Spa well-being programs include time tested cultural and traditional wisdom of the South East Asian principles of science and Indian healing from Ayurveda to help you feel and look great. Guests can indulge in signature body and face treatments, spa packages offering a combination of massages, traditional body scrubs and facials. A few of our services include the signature Shamana Experience, the luxurious Chocolate Fondue Wrap, Body Sculpt massages and more. Along with the spa treatments Shamana Spa has a fitness centre, relaxation studio, beauty salon indoor and outdoor pools, wet areas with sauna, steam, plunge pools and whirlpools making it an ultimate paradise resort temple.

HospiBuz: Spa blends the product or the oils, expertise or services and ambiance how do you make sure that there is a blend of three things perfect?

Mr. Alejandro Leo: Very simple, as professional we need to be involve in our daily operation and lead our team by example with costumer care, professionalism and be responsible for the requirements need to deliver a great experience, again we can’t manage a business by only spending the day sitting in our desks.



HospiBuz: You held the responsibility as Corporate Spa Director at Hard Rock and now you are part of the Grand Hyatt family please tell us the difficulties faced in the sector of Spa and wellness is unknown or not realized by the customers?

Mr. Alejandro Leo: Spas are sanctuaries of peace and relaxation and to achieve that is a lot of work that need to be done, It doesn’t matter at what level you are, the main purpose is to

deliver unique experiences to every single person and to make it happen training for all staff is involve, choose the correct products and ingredients for the treatments, cleanliness and personalized service is require and small details and touches are very important.

HospiBuz: To take the spa industry at new heights, what you aim to develop Grand Hyatt Goa as a leisure destination?

Mr. Alejandro Leo: We are proud of Shamana Spa and its various offerings. It is a one-of-a-kind spa destination where guests from all over the world come seeking a haven, to refresh their minds and relax. With its multiple wellness, fitness and beauty services Shamana Spa has already achieved notice as an ideal destination for leisure and relaxation. To enhance this we keep pushing our boundaries, adding better services to our already extensive menu. Our efforts are aimed at being the best resort temple, forerunners as the ideal destination for wellness and health.

HospiBuz: Under your guidance and leadership, many spas have bagged the industry’s most renowned awards please give some advice or suggestion to the budding people of the hospitality industry?

Mr. Alejandro Leo: PASSION for what you do and a great team who shares the same passion and ownership, also CREATIVITY is very important to become unique and to create unforgettable memories.



HospiBuz: How do you feel to be a part of the Grand Hyatt Goa family, and Please share your greatest accomplishment?

Mr. Alejandro Leo: I am grateful to be able to work with this team, who work towards truly making a positive change to peoples’ lives and guest services in hospitality. They strive every single day to deliver the best experience to our guests and members enabling me to fulfill my vision for Shamana Spa. Great team work and work culture keeps everyone motivated to always delivering the best and grow.


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Mr. Alejandro Leo: With a dynamic and sizable industry like in the case of hospitality, it is important to have the right medium for industry and business news. Kudos to the team at Hospibuz for striving to be one of the best mediums for hospitality industry journalism.

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