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Indore Marriott Hotel unveils Diamante – Crown of Indore


National, 15th May 2019: Get ready for the miraculous party feel and the most glamorous night outs as Indore Marriott Hotel has unveiled its much-awaited high energy lounge bar Diamante on Saturday, 11th May 2019. With the launch of Diamante, Indore Marriott Hotel is all set to change the game by introducing you to a new era of clubbing. ‘Diamante’ will feature world-class cocktails by South African Mixologist, Tristan Money and under food; the hotel covers International, Asian and Indian Cuisine.

Diamante is a high-energy lounge bar with comfortable couch seating that will elevate your evening experience along with a warm and inviting setting for guests who enjoy new places and new experiences.

Indore Marriott Hotel hosted a grand launch night ‘THE ROYAL SOIREE’ on Saturday 11th May 2019 to unveil Diamante – Crown of Indore. The event included dance performances, flair bartending and live groovy music by rappers DJ WARAD, The Spindoctor and Shah RuLe. The grand launch night witnessed a night studded with a breathtaking performance by DJ WARAD aka Yash Warad, a 22-year-old Pune based DJ, who knows how to get the crowd swaying heedless of the genre and looks forward to making his own music. What indeed sets the bar above, is the launch promotion, where the hotel provides its invited guests with a cashless card with a pre-set value for the cashless bar experience and also welcomed them with a red carpet and a photo opportunity at the booth near Diamante entrance.

Mr. Devesh Rawat, General Manager, Indore Marriott Hotel said, “We are delighted to announce the opening of Diamante that aims to offer our guests the experience of party culture in a whole new different level.

As it’s our mission to always look ahead to address the needs of our guests, Indore Marriott Hotel introduces an elevated dining experience that offers a diverse menu infused with International, Asian and Indian cuisine and world-class cocktails—all in a welcoming setting. To ensure that it stayed true to what our guests expect of the brand while also creating something interesting enough to pull in new guests, Diamante is thoughtfully designed to deliver an unparalleled guest experience backed by comfort and great service.”

For the party people of Indore, Indore Marriott Hotel brings the finest night outs in town. With Diamante, the guests can experience the highest standards of the allure and grandeur of the nightclubbing lifestyle.

The menu is designed to offer a variety of flavorful, fresh items to satisfy every palate, combined with amazing cocktails, great music and the unique ambience that will make you groove along to the hip. With banging vibes, hypnotic atmosphere and infectious energy in the house, get hooked to the new rhythm of clubbing only at Diamante – Crown of Indore.

Hold onto your breath for an exuberant nightclub experience and gear up to show off your dance moves at Indore Marriott Hotel’s super high energy Lounge Bar ‘Diamante’.