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Juggling lets the bartender express themselves in front of the guests -Mr.Pratik Chougule


What purpose does juggling play for a bartender?

Mr. Pratik Chougule: In my eyes juggling plays a great part in bartending because it lets the bartender express themselves in front of the guests. This allows bartenders to have an even better relationship with their guests and also allows a great way to break the ice and get chatting with them. By doing this you build a great relationship with the guests which keep them coming back to you.

Which is your favorite drink to make? 

Mr. Pratik Chougule: My personal favorite drink to make is a variety of my own creations but as classic cocktails go there is nothing better than a cosmopolitan. This cocktail is loved by many and especially the ladies. We all love keeping the ladies happy while being behind the bar. 

What is the biggest bar tab you have ever seen? 

Mr. Pratik Chougule: 4 lakh rupees at 2bhk diner and key club. 

What is your key strength as a bartender?

Mr. Pratik Chougule: I am a very hard working and loyal bartender and I pride myself with knowledge about wine and Mixology. My main focus and dream is to become a sommelier. 

What do you do when a guest passes out?

Mr. Pratik Chougule: As a responsible bartender I will never serve a guest more alcohol than I see fit for the guest. There is not much you can do if he is passed out apart from calling a medical team depending on how severe the situation is. 

On what basis should wine be judged after tasting it?

Mr. Pratik Chougule: We can judge wine from the sweetness, acidity, tannin, body, flavor characteristics and finish of the particular wine depending on its region and grape variety. 

Does tasting wine directly from vineyards make any difference? 

Mr. Pratik Chougule: It doesn’t make a lot of difference but the wine will be fresher if you taste it in a vineyard.