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Keto Made Comfy With Meatigo!


We all know how Keto has taken over the diet space. While on Keto, why make meals complicated? Besides, how often can you eat out or order in your meals? No sense in losing your money over losing some weight.

So, Meatigo, India’s meat delivery app and website, is here to simplify your meals with a tempting range of hygienic, antibiotic-free meats, delicatessen products (yes, smoked bacon!), fish, imported cold cuts, sausages and much more!


Meatigo also boasts of meal prep friendly meats, leaving you with no excuses as to why you can’t stay on track with your ketogenic diet goals. So, weather it’s a sizzling Chicken Angara Tikka you’re craving, or that succulent Creamy Malai Prawns you always dreamed of making, Meatigo has you sorted!

They also have a variety of fresh catch that you can order at your fingertips. No more going to the machhi market for your pick of seafood. Within 2 hrs, you can now get your meats or seafood in vacuum-packed bags across Mumbai, Gurgaon, South Delhi and now Bangalore, by just ordering on the go with their App, available on iOS and Android!

And for those of you who aren’t following a keto diet give Meatigo a try anyway, because skipping this opportunity will be a missed steak! Pair them with your favorite rice alternatives for an incredibly delicious and healthy meal that isn’t just going to meat your expectations, but exceed them!