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Kitchen of Flavour’s- “An initiative by Ira Singhal”


How did you come up with the idea of ‘Kitchen of Flavour’s’?

Ira Singhal: Food is my passion. I have grown watching my mother creating delicious and healthy meals for me. My art is in creating delicious and surprising dishes that will overwhelm your every sense. In my opinion food preparation is an art that attracts eyes, nose and tongue towards it.
My ambition is to provide employment to poor ladies, food for poor children and spread taste of traditional ingredients, recipe and cuisine all over the world.

How ‘CHEF OF DELHI’ Idea come in your mind?

Ira Singhal: I always want to provide a big platform to home chef’s because everybody wants to perform in front of celebrity’s chefs and it is not possible for all, and I am proudly saying that all contestant praised the event very much and it was a big platform for them. Some students also participate in this event and it was a dream for them.

How many celebrity chefs were present for judging in this event?

Ira Singhal: There were 16 chefs including Chef Rakesh Sethi, Chef Ripudaman Handa, Chef Nishant Chaubey, Chef Shivani Mehta and TV star Aniruddh Dave (Hanuman Singh of serial Patiala Babes).

How many contestants were there in the event and from where they have travelled across to be the part of the event?

Ira Singhal: Fantastic participants, approximate 200 contestants were there for competition and for live cooking classes. They were from NCR, Lucknow, Haryana, Rajasthan and some other states. The best part was that the youngest contestant was 12 years old and the senior contestant was 65 years old.

How many Masterclasses were organised in the event?

Ira Singhal: There were 4 masterclasses taken by Chef Murli Gupta, Chef Kandla Nijhowne, Chef Shivi Mehta and Chef Ripudaman Handa and it was also a great experience for participants to interact with Chefs.

How Judges/Celebrity Chefs feel and their opinion about this event?

Ira Singhal: I talked with everyone and got feedback. Aniruddh Dave, for him it was the first experience to judge a cooking show and he enjoyed a lot.
Presence of Chef Rakesh Sethi graced the programme and the event was praised by him. Chef Ripudaman said that it was a great event and a good platform for every participant.

What are your future plans for ‘Kitchen of Flavour’s?

Ira Singhal: It was beginning and I want to spread the taste of traditional ingredients, recipe and cuisine all over the world, because Indian Kitchen’s are full of taste with innovation and home cooks are great chefs as well as well managed, the only thing is that they need good platform and we will provide that as much as possible because talent grows only when it gets a platform.
We are going to Jaipur, Chandigarh and some other states also for the same events.