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Kitchen Rules for the Professional Kitchen


HospiBuz Desk

The rules of the professional kitchen are a part of “Kitchen Culture”. Those who have never been in a professional kitchen, these rules seem harsh and burdensome. But for those who have endured the long, hot, stressful shifts of a full-service kitchen theses standards will make absolute sense. You understand that with every dish sent from the kitchen, we are being judged by a person who is either going to be happy or dissatisfied with the work. Judged not just once per shift, but judged a hundred or more times every shift, every day!

To reach the level of perfection which one must attain required an extreme demand upon personal responsibility, reliability and execution. It takes pride to do what the chef does and pride in their work doesn’t come cheaply… it demands personal integrity and commitment.

Under are the Rules of a “Professional Kitchen”


1. To show up early, are at your work station- ready to work.


2. You arrive in a presentable fashion: showered, shaved, brushed, haired and in a clean uniform.

3. You have a genuine enthusiasm for good food, good technique and culinary advancement, regardless of how much already you think you know.

4. You never use someone else knives without their permission.

5. You do not complain- especially about those things which cannot be controlled, such as customers requests, returns, the restaurant hours of operation, having to work in weekends holidays.

6. You show respect for the food, the head chef and how the restaurant operates.

7. You have the ability to stay focused under pressure expect to be in the weeds often… and works out of it alone.

8. You properly label and date everything.

9. You manage your” recreational activities” wisely.

10. You do it right, without taking shortcuts, even its a tedious pain. This is called Professional discipline.