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Lite Bite Foods launches ethical sandwiches in India


Eat Healthy for a Cause

With a passion to give back to the society, Lite Bite Foods has collaborated with leading non- profit organizations, CARE India, Helpage India, PETA India and World Vision India, to launch a range of ethical sandwiches, where 10% of all proceeds will go to the organization.

Each bite of the sandwich packs the goodness of healthy ingredients and will exercise a day long shelf life so as to guarantee fresh food to the consumers. What truly stands out is how the name of the sandwiches reflect the ethos of each of their partner NGO- like CAREFREE BITE by CARE India will be a delectable combination of green leafy lettuce, wilted spinach, French baguette, pico de gallo, grilled zucchini, beet root mash and carrort mash. The non-vegetarians can relish the FEEL AT HOME sandwich by Helpage India, which is full of flavorful chicken along with tomoto, jalapenos, cheese, sauted onion, broccoli and spinach mash in Chia crusted bread. The ones who prefer the pesto bread and whole wheat pita bread can choose SAY CHEESE by World Vision and PETA PITA sandwich by Peta without giving a second thought.

Ensuring high quality benchmarks, all ingredients used are purchased from ISO approved vendors and additionally certified by FSSAI. All the four sandwiches will satisfy the palate of the consumers while giving them a flavour of healthy conscious eating. The ethical sandwiches will be available across outlets in the cities and airports, reaching out to socially conscious consumers in a quirky, yet informative way.

Date of Launch: 19th November, 2018 ( Ongoing )

Time: 10AM to 10PM

Venue: The Artful Baker, Khan Market, Delhi

Price: Rs 205/- plus taxes onwards