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Lucaris – Crystal of Modern Asia


Asian traditions infused with western modernity have inspired a new global culture in art, design, fashion, cuisine, and wine.

Lucaris, the Crystal of Modern Asia, celebrates the new Asian dining & wining lifestyle. The first time in Asia that crystal stemware is produced to deliver international quality, for the most enjoyable dining & wining experience.

Through Ocean Glass Public Company Limited — the glass making expertise and manufacturer of Thailand in collaboration with the glass making expertise of Toyo-Sasaki Glass of Japan and the most advance technology from German, have resulted in the creation of world-class quality crystal glass in December 2009 with an investment of 1 billion Baht. New lead-free and barium-free crystal glass composition, with physical aesthetics comparable to conventional lead crystal, result in exceptional clarity and brilliance, with extra strength & durability. The goal was to sell 10 million glasses, in the world market within 10 years. Lucaris then opened their first wine glass collections: ‘Bangkok Bliss’ and ‘Tokyo Temptation’. After accomplishing success with the first two collections, Lucaris opened another collection called the ‘Shanghai Soul’ which was then followed by ‘Hong Kong Hip’. After this they launched the ‘Shanghai Soul Grande’ which was most recently followed by the ‘Desire’ collection.

Lucaris crystal glass has attained a world-class status, especially in its lead-free quality. For the most passionate wine-lovers, the Lucaris wine glass is embedded with creative potential. The glass complements the wine by extending the culinary experience on all profound levels that matter.

World Class Design

The design of Lucaris stemware and wine accessories is a collaborative achievement between Ocean Glass, Toyo-Sasaki Glass and Martin Ballendat, a multiple award-winning German designer whose works appear in portfolios of many world class brands.

Eastern Expertise Meets Western Technology

Glassmaking expertise of Toyo-Sasaki Glass of Japan, Ocean Glass of Thailand and the most advanced glass technology from Germany brought together, have resulted in the creation of world-class quality crystal glass:

¹. New lead-free crystal glass composition, with physical aesthetics comparable to conventional lead crystal

².  Exceptional clarity and brilliance, with extra strength & durability

Excellent in Design

Lucaris stemware has been meticulously designed and crafted to the smallest details, to ensure the highest in functionality and aesthetic quality that evoke all senses, meeting the demands of wine lovers and food service professionals.

Outstanding in Physical Quality

Outstanding in physical sensory as rated by selected sommeliers, food service professionals, and wine consumers, Lucaris stemware possesses the finest physical quality: shape, thinness, smoothness, and clarity.

Best in Wine Sensory

Best in wine sensory groups of food service professionals and wine enthusiasts have all rated Lucaris stemware as among the finest, comparable to stemware of European brands in the market, giving the best wine sensory: aromas and tastes of wine are enhanced to create perfect balance.

Evoke the Wining Senses in Modern Asian and Indian Cuisine

With world class quality and design, inspired by modern Asian cities lifestyle, Lucaris evokes the wining senses, enabling the wine to develop its full aromas and tastes, and creates an emerging paradigm in the art of pairing wines with modern Asian and Indian Cuisine.

The result is an exciting new complementary dining & winning experience.