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  • Fame Re-glorified!!

    By Nikita Hora

    Dr. Amit Modi, founder of Ashmi Holding Pvt. Ltd. is one of the noted “gurus in transforming and rebranding” the lost glory of hotels with great potential. He believes that in the current era when entities with deep pockets are withdrawing from managing the hotel business, he wishes to be the ‘saviour’ of bad times, aspiring to turn around the entire scenario of their financial statements.

    Dr. Amit Modi is also the CEO of Hotel Bristol, Gurugram, the first 5 – star property in the town. He took over the magnificent property with a mission to revamp and restore its lost glory. He saw great potential in the hotel which is location centric, but requires solid business plan and efficient team. He started his journey with Hotel Bristol, Gurugram by focusing and investing huge on Food and Beverages as compare to renovating rooms and halls.

    Today, Hotel Bristol is the only hotel in the city which serves delicious and mouth – watering food prepared under the supervision Padmashree awardee Chef Imitiaz Qureshi in their well – known restaurants “Pukhtaan”. This restaurant serves as the only restaurant in and around Delhi that has the concept of Qureshi Dhaba to Qureshi Bar, the only destination for Historic India food. Pukhtaan is the place which serves THE BEST by THE BEST with the price that does not empty one’s pocket in addition, as good as the landmark places known for specific receipts.

    The revamping story doesn’t end here. The Bristol Gurugram has uplifted and has the largest pillar less banquet hall in the town and in order to assure the recommendable services the menu is planned by Padmashree awardee Chef Imitiaz Qureshi himself under the catering project strategized by Chef and Dr. Amit Modi.

    Hotel Bristol works with one formula – ‘Not Saying No to Any Guests’. For the entire team their client event arrangement is done after understanding and connecting themselves with the customer’s emotions. Thus it results in delivering services beyond their guests’ exceptions. Mr. Modi is proud to state that within 6-9 months the hotels re- glorified and beating the competition with the big bang. After transforming couple of properties in metro cities he plans to tap the untapped places. i.e, Holy destination and Tier 2 and 3 cities. Inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi he also believes that success lie in targeting masses. In addition, he firmly thinks the international and domestic chain of hotels are focusing in developing in metro cities without realizing that disposal income lies in the smaller city.

    As for Ashmi Holding it would like to break the 5 star stereotypes in the holy distinction and build hotels in such places. The hotel should be called an epitome and known for, “Hygiene, comfort sleep and great food”. His simple focus is to entertain the young professional masses who after slogging hard look for good food, good music and good drink, nothing else.

    Holding an expertise in Finance he follows one logic that, “Your input will be your output hence input should be great. In his opinion, in hotel line taste of the food is the input. He feels that there is no use of building restaurant with gold leaf if the food is not delicious as no one will come to see the gold leaf. At the end of the day getting the product right makes one stand out.

    Finance expertise also helped him understand customer’s behavior and gave him an edge to make quick and correct decisions. His art to calculate within seconds helps him to beat the competition. He feels that competition is immense that analyzing the cost variable can only make you sustain in the market.

    Dr. Modi at the age of 26 was appointed as Director of Finance, thereafter he explored marketing and operation. Being in marketing and operation he realized that meeting around people, being open minded about new ideas and doing showcase around is very impactful. He is also champion in sales and purchase negotiations, even when the Indian economy was slow he had renegotiated the purchase contracts and saved approx. 600 million in the respective financial year.
    No wonder why he has been several awards like Business Leadership award, Hospitality Leader of the year, Finance Man of the Year. He stands by his words that starting the journey from a difficult point will ensure brighter future in later times.

  • Positivity


    How often do we hear people thinking beyond their own interest, or entrepreneurs taking selfless decisions? While such cases are rare and examples might be few, inspiring incidents keep surfacing around us that keep the humane part of the crowd alive. In this fast-paced world and breakneck speed of competitions, soul-stirring incidents occur time after time that makes us pause, retreat, look around, listen & introspect the world – that in time of adversities it has something or other to offer.

    MasterChef India Judge, Zorawar Kalra is a known for many reasons across India and the world. Besides being a culinary expert, Zorawar is respected for his innovative skills, and briefing extreme details to his team to execute what he has in mind. His innovations such as Rasmalai Tres Leches or Jalebi Caviar were prepared to keep in line his pursuit to take Indian food on a global scale.

    Recently, Bengaluru witnessed the humane side of Zorawar Kalra when he made Farzi Café, UB City Wheel Chair accessible for its customers, who love and wish to visit restaurants to satiate their taste buds. The incident came to limelight when a customer, who is recovering from spinal cord injury brought up the issue of inaccessibility to few famous eateries in Bengaluru, which only have staircases as an access to get an entry into them. Upon the call Farzi Café, Bengaluru was the first eatery to get a portable ramp made for wheelchair users. This sets an example for other restaurants and eateries to follow the same as this would add convenience to challenge people who are forced to see the world on wheel chairs. There are thousands of wheel chair using people in India who are missing out great food, and impeccable ambience that various eateries offer, what Zorawar did is a sure boost to their spirits.

    An MBA from Bentley University, Boston he started his maiden venture with Punjab Grill that started from a small food court outlet in 2006 in Gurgaon’s Metropolitan Mall. Recipient of ‘Restaurateur of the Year’ – 2016 by Vir Sanghvi at Eazydiner Awards, and listed among top 50 Influential Young Indians by GQ in the same year, Zorawar is sure to attribute more to the world than his culinary and innovation expertise.

    Zorawar the man of details, numbers and culinary innovations, adds flavours of good karma on his platter. Setting an example for not just the culinary world, but for every business world. For him, the Return On Investment of customer experience is not always profits but way beyond.