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Mastermind of Virushka’s wedding menu.


By Chavi Sehgal

Ritu Dalmia is a well known celebrity chef. She is the chef and co-owner of the famous Italian restaurant Diva in Delhi. She established this restaurant with co-founder Gita Bhalla in the year 2000. She hosted TV cookery show “Italian Khana” for NDTV Good Times. Her new show “Travelling Diva” is is being aired by NDTV Good Times since February 2012.

Well no wedding is complete without food. And when it comes to punjabi wedding, exquisite food is highly expected. But is it easy to get the desi flavours in you food when you are far away from your country. So to solve this problem, Ritu Dalmia was appointed as the menu incharge for Virushka’s Wedding.

Well the food was suppose to be heavenly and out of the box in this lovely wedding. So Ritu Dalmia who is an expert in Italian cuisine designed the menu herself. Some of the dishes in her menu were added from her famous restaurant Chittamani. The menu included innovative mouthwatering dishes. The dishes were the fusion of Indian and Italian cuisine. It had delicacies like porcini mushrooms wrapped in Bikaneri roti and stuffed ravioli with paneer khurchan and traditional desserts like rabdi. And since it was prepared by Ritu Dalmia. The wedding food was BANG ON!

Ritu is also an inspiration!

Ritu belongs to a Marwari family. But she was given freedom since childhood. At the age of 12 started working. She was always supported by her parents. When she wanted to enter the food industry, she was stopped by many people for the reason that being a Marwari she would have to cut and cook non-veg. She did what she wanted to do. At the age of 23 Ritu realized that she is a lesbian. She told her parents about this. They were shocked but all they wanted was her happiness. So they accepted the fact of she being a person of LGBT community.

She fights for the rights of the LGBT community. In 216 she along with 3 other people filed a case against Article 377. She is bold and fearless. Her efforts beared the fruit in 2018 Article 377 was removed from the Constitution. She is not only a successful or Chef but also a social activist for LGBT community. She fights for them and for her rights. She is a true inspiration.