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Anurag Katriar will now take forward the baton of NRAI.


Anurag Katriar, CEO of deGustibus Hospitality has been selected as the new president of the National Restaurant Association of India. Kabir Suri, co-founder of Azure Hospitality who is appointed as a VP. The duo who has been creatively involved in the industry from a long time and has set up successful hospitality brands will now lead the legacy of NRAI forward.
Anurag Katriar has replaced Rahul Singh, CEO of The Beer Café as his tenure has come to an end. Mr.Katriar has always been active in elevating the industry through his global vision.
In one of his conversation with Hospitality Lexis magazine, he has mentioned ‘The kind of food and the spectrum that India has no other country in the world has it. We have looked enough towards the world but now the time has come to look inwards and to elevate Indian cuisines’.
His plethora of knowledge is going to boost the industry and to drive it towards the new altitude.