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New menus curated at the all day dining: The Square and In Room Dining(IRD) services


Food experiences provide a sense of camaraderie and open the mind to adventure. With Accor’s brand commitment to health, environment and food, Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach (NMJB) remains uncompromised in being sustainably scrumptious and delivering high-quality meals in the recently new curated menus at the all-day dining: The Square and In-Room Dining(IRD) services.

Executive Chef Jerson Fernandes’s culinary world spans over 14 years, and it is these curated meals that are served as unforgettable combinations. Having always focussed on local and seasonal, our conscious kitchen and dining spaces are extending into your lifestyles, centred purely on the recovery of traditions and the authenticity of gastronomic offerings. The diners are assured of a gourmand experience, of premium ingredients and artisanal techniques says Shreyas Bhagat, The food and Beverage Manager at Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach.

Executive Chef Jerson Fernandes

Diners can choose to “travel locally” and appreciate greater taste flavours comfortably. The menu extraordinaire is a balance of health, wellness and nutrition: root vegetable sandwich, nutty quinoa citrus salad and gastronomic regionals such as the highway murgh tikka, double butter chicken, or the desi aloo tikka sizzler, not to forget the inclusion of the signature Vegan breakfast for our Vegan guests. The seasonal gourmet, the contemporary comforts, or the rustic Indian are each developed with sophistication for a deeper purpose – of environmentally-conscious practices. The city of Mumbai is the paradise of food lovers, and NMJB is known for its expansive range of local cuisines, customizing even street food classics: Juhu Bombay chutney sandwich, Bombay Pav bhaji, Keema Pav and the Vada Pav by elevating ingredients to retain flavours, textures and freshness. The recipes of the innovative desserts such as the chef’s special dome delight, and the freshness of Tandoori chicken, Nasi Goreng, Malaysian Laksa and Railway Mutton curry are magically developed to suit diverse palates and satiate taste buds of varying cultures, meal preferences and first-time experimenters. So, take your tastebuds on a culinary itinerary and explore the richness of street-styled dishes as daily favorites specially curated by the culinary magicians of NMJB. Be surprised and tantalized with featured dishes ranging from the influences of the coast, of the farm, and a philosophy embraced by a team who celebrates sustainable gastronomy and culinary traditions with due respect to nature in compliance with Accor’s Planet 21 initiative.