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Night Life of this Transcontinental city…


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Transcontinental city is the city which lies between two continents of the earth. ISTANBUL is the only largest transcontinental city of the earth. This city lies between two major continents namely the Asian continent and the European continent. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey while Ankara is the capital of Turkey. Istanbul is the fifth largest city in the world according to the population. One part of this unique city lies in the Asian continent while another one lies in the European continent. This city of Turkey is the country’s cultural, historic and economic center. Apart from this major fact, this city also has a very unique, energetic and worth remembering nightlife too. Istanbul has plenty of options where the tourists and traveller from different countries can enjoy the nightlife of this city. This city has plenty of nightclubs where you can make your nightlife experiences more memorable. Listed here some of the best nightclubs of Istanbul which you can add in your late night celebrations.

1. REINA –

Reina nightclub of Istanbul is located in Muallim Naci 44, Ortakoy. This nightclub is the city’s oldest and the most popular of the Bosphorus club. Reina nightclub is a pure entertainment complex consisting of several bars which serves amazing cocktails and restaurants which serves each & everything from Japanese to Italian delicacies. It also has a dance floor which can accommodate over 2500 people at a time. Reina nightclub also gives you a stunning waterfront location of the Bosphorus bridge, which attracts the crowd most. The fun starts here from 6:00 pm to 5:00 am. This nightclub is the perfect place for late night parties.

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Anjelique nightclub of Istanbul is located in Muallim Naci Caddesi, Salhane Sokak 5, Ortakoy. This nightclub is the first choice of the youth of the city. Anjelique nightclub has “Da-Mario”, the in house restaurant which was nominated as the Istanbul’s best restaurant by the financial times. This nightclub also provides you with the beautiful waterfront location of Bosphorus Strait. It is very famous for its DJ’s, which plays a unique mix of western as well as Turkish music. Anjelique nightclub is exactly situated in a three-story seaside mansion. Anjelique’s sea level floor serves mouth watery Asian cuisine and middle & top floor serves delicious Middle Eastern cuisine.

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Babylon nightclub of Istanbul is located in Schbender Sokak 3, Asmalimescit. It was opened in the year 1999. Babylon nightclub is considered as the iconic world music venue in Istanbul. This nightclub is Istanbul’s best live music venue. At this nightclub, you will be served with chilled beer and some amazing & creative cocktails to be chilled out. Many world widely famous rock and jazz artists had performed here their respective concerts. The interior of this nightclub is set in a former warehouse with red brick walls. So, if you are an avid lover of such live music concerts, then BABYLON nightclub of Istanbul is damn perfect for you.

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4. Sortie –

Sortie nightclub of Istanbul is located in Muallim Naci 14, Ortakoy. This nightclub also provides an amazing and refreshing waterfront location of Bosphorus strait along with Bosphorus Bridge. Sortie nightclub is a summer supper club and remains completely closed in winters. This nightclub will provide you with an amazing view of Bosphorus shoreline along with great cocktails. This nightclub has everything in their menu from Turkish to Brazilian delicacies. “Fishmekan” is a pure fish restaurant here in Sortie where you can have a wide variety of fish eateries.

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5. ROXY –

Roxy nightclub of Istanbul is located in Aslanyatagi Sokak7, Cihangir. This nightclub is considered as the city’s longstanding late night rock venue. Roxy nightclub is a very popular venue for live rock, jazz and pop bands and many of worldwide famous bands had performed here. There is no outside space in this nightclub. Roxy nightclub remains closed between May and September. If you person, who loves to such nightclubs where you can find world widely famous music bands performing live then this nightclub is damn perfect for you. It is the city’s best nightclub who deals with such bands. Roxy nightclub also provides you with chilled beer, creative cocktails and snacks. Roxy’s busiest part is their dance floor, which is very popular among the youth of the city.

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Suada club of Istanbul is located in Kurucesme Mah Muallim Naci Cad. No 44|Arnavutkoy, Besiktas. Basically, it is a party island between two continents. YES! Between two continents, because it is in Bosphorus strait which connects two continents in Istanbul. To reach Suada Club, you have to travel from boats because this floating island is in the middle of Bosphorus Strait. The best season to visit at this club is in the summers. Suada club has a collection of restaurants – including a branch of 360 bars, an Olympic sized swimming pool and a club. This club will give you the experience of partying by poolside in day and dance under the stars at night. Suada club also provides you with a beautiful and refreshing aquatic view of Bosphorus strait along with its bridge.