Now you need to pay more to the cancellation fees of Jet Airways


HospiBuz Desk

Jet Airways has surprised its users by changing its penalty framework for the cancellation of tickets and other changes. Under the revised framework, if any changes or cancellations are made at least seven days prior to the date of travel, it will attract lower penalties compared to those who undertake booking changes within seven days. The revised rules become effective from 7 February 2019.

The revised rules state that the economy class passenger would have to pay an amount between Rs 2,000 and Rs 3800, in case of any cancellation seven days prior to flight departure and between Rs 2,800 and Rs 4,600, in case of any cancellation within seven days.

Whereas, in case of a change in seat, date, flight etc. prior to seven days of flight departure, an economy class passenger would be charged between Rs 1500 and Rs 3500, while for within seven days of flight departure, it is between Rs 2,300 and Rs 4,300.

Business-class passengers in “classic” category would have to pay Rs 4,800 if they are cancelling ticket and Rs 2300 for any change.

The airline has further announced an imposition of cancellation fee of Rs 3800 on “flex category” of business class passengers who were till now exempted from it, however they would allowed to make any changes free of cost.

“The tiered policy is a carefully crafted endeavour that allows our guests the opportunity to amend their domestic travel ahead of time offering additional value, choice and convenience”, said Senior Vice-President – Worldwide Sales & Distribution, Jet Airways, Raj Sivakumar.