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Perfect Menu, Perfect Profit

Increase your Hotel’s revenue with Perfect Menu

A lot of thought process goes into menu making and the main intention of such exercise is how to maximise guest satisfaction and in turn revenue enhancement, so it is to be borne in mind to have proper menu design in place which will delight the guests by tempting them to spend more.
A perfect menu can act as a catalyst to enhance sales by helping to guide guests & ordering decisions as well as to take off some pressure on the service staff from pushing hard to sell the items, but it happens only once your menu is a good, well-thought-out and properly designed one and that type of menu functions at a much higher level through themes, structure, presentation and so invites customers to a sensory, psychological and emotional experience.

One crucial aspect that is generally not looked in to properly is the restaurant menu design/layout and if appropriately designed can be used as a tool for persuasion and influence your guests to order more. Restaurant / Banquet Event Menu is the most powerful tool for your restaurant /Banquet marketing if used judiciously and if execution in haste will spoil the intended purpose of the menu.

Main essentials for making a menu to help in enhancing restaurant revenue are as below:

Communicates about the Attributes of the Restaurant

A perfectly designed menu invites the customer to experience what the restaurant wishes to convey. Fine dining restaurants will often emphasize the source of the food, how it was prepared, and bring to attention the exotic ingredients.

Mood Setter

Your menu is a mood setter as for as Cuisine performance is concerned, so not offers only good quality food but quality time to guest and with the result of which guest always tries to taste something more.

Effective Titles

Highlighting of different foods under proper categories catches the eye of guest fast such as “fresh from our organic farm” and “House Specialities” and here comes the trick to pricing so that your restaurant revenue is enhanced.

Signature Items

Always put 2-3 items As a Signature item in the restaurant menu, which too helps in enhancing the revenue.

Promote the Most Profitable Items

Items fetching maximum profit because the required materials are low priced should be put under “Chef Choice” Section.

Top Selling

Put items which fetch maximum revenue at proper spots on pages of the menu and make it eye-catchy while designing the menu.

Health Safety

Convey to guest different types of food Allergy statements and Signage so that a guest can choose his favourite food without any risk.

Word pictures

Using word pictures also makes menu an interesting statement instead of time-consuming descriptions and this way guest chooses the item at first sight.

Perfect Menu Size with local Cuisine

Elaborate menu design with a lot of cuisine choices sometimes confuses the guest, so without wasting much time of guest as well as to enable him to take his decision faster, without going through a cumbersome exercise of turning menu pages and making him annoyed, menus should be Crisp And Clear so that it enables the guest to choose his favourite item fast.
One can also introduce rare & local specials to beat competition serving similar regular cuisines and creating an edge in the market, which ultimately will enhance the sales. To sum up we should understand that a menu is not just a paper but it is the first step to the marketing of your food. A perfect and visually appealing menu design draws more orders from the guests which in turn boosts sales at your restaurant.

Chef Nisar Ahmed:


Chef Nisar Ahmed, Corporate Chef, Mayfair Hotels and Resorts, Jaydev Vihar , Bhubaneswar