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Purifying the soul with ‘Tattwa’


Our body is made up of four elements, Water, Air, Fire, and Earth, and we at Renaissance Mumbai have curated a food festival with includes dishes symbolizing all the elements helping us have a balanced and healthy diet. So you would agree then that there is nothing more be more blissful than to have a purified meal even after stuffing yourself with such delicious food.

Air symbolizes the foods which stimulate the circulation are beneficial to the body like Bhuna Makai Saag and Anjeer Barfi, Fire symbolizes food which boosts our body to fight illnesses like Gosht Kaleri Seekh, Water symbolizes salt-rich food with a high water content like Rogan-e-Lobster and Kasturi Jheenga, where Earth symbolizes rich and hearty food. Foods which are allocated to the Earth element provide stability and grounding like Subz ki Ashraphiya or Warqi Paratha. Bringing all the necessary elements together with all natural elements, only at Nawab Saheb, Renaissance Mumbai. Considering limited availability, we request you to not hold back, feel lighter as well as satiated in this Tattva festival.

Date: June 21st to 30th 2019

Time: 07:30 to 11:00 PM

Price: INR 2400 onwards for the set menu, Ala carte menu available as well.

Place: Nawab Saheb, Renaissance Mumbai

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Contact no.:+91 9205172116, +91 8451032208