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Relish into scrumptious delicacies this Monsoon from Executive Chef, Avinash Kumar, Novotel Imagica Khopoli


Monsoon Recipes

Oats & Onion Fritters


· Oats 50 gm

· Rice flour 20 gm

· Ragi Flour 20 gm

· Fresh coriander 3 gm

· Sliced onion 100 gm

· Chopped spinach 20 gm

· Ginger 2 gm

· Turmeric 1 gm

· Red chilli Powder 1 gm

· Curry Leaves 1 gm

· Oil 300 ml

· Salt To Taste


· At first, soak the Oats in hot water and keep a side for about 4-5 Minutes, Mix ginger and green chilies to a course paste.

· Now add the remaining ingredients rice flour, ragi flour, fresh chopped coriander, chopped spinach, sliced onions, chopped curry leaves, and Indian spices with the soaked oats and season well.

· Make fritters out of the batter.

· Now Heat the oil and deep-fry it until gets golden brown in colour.

· Serve it with mint chutney.

Calamari Fritto


· Squid rings 110 gm

· Tempura flour 60 gm

· Lemon half 1 no.

· Parsley 10 gms

· Refined flour (Maida) 20 gm

· Semolina 20 gms

· Sweet chilli sauce 20 ml

· Garlic confit 5 gm

· Salt to taste

· Dijon mustard 5 gms


· Marinate the squid rings with salt pepper and mustard paste.

· Dust the squid rings with refined flour and semolina.

· Dip in the tempura batter & deep fry it till golden in colour.

· Serve it with lemon half, garlic confit Thai chilli sauce and parsley sprig.

Barbeque Corn On the Cob


· Corn on the cob 500 gm

· Paprika powder 20 gm

· Brown sugar 30 gm

· Worcestershire sauce 20 ml

· Red wine vinegar 30 ml

· Black pepper powder 2 gm

· Tomato ketchup 50 gm

· Salt to taste


· In a blender, combine brown sugar, ketchup, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce. Season with paprika, salt and pepper. Blend until smooth.

· Marinate the cob with the above marinade and rest it for 10 minutes.

· Pot the cob on the skewer and roast it on a pit fire barbeque.

Mango Baked Yoghurt


· Hung Curd 100 gm

· Amul cream 100 gm

· Milk Maid 80 gm

· Fresh Mango Pulp 50 gm


· First f all Mix hung curd and Amul cream. Then add milk maid and Whisk it nicely.

· Now add freshly squeezed mango pulp in the above mixture and divide the mixture in moulds. Bake it at 150 degree Celsius for 7-8 Minutes.

· Now cool it and keep in refrigerator and while serving Garnish it with fresh chunks of mango.

Phool Makhana and Chia Kheer


· Milk 600 ml

· Cardamom powder 1 gm

· Sugar 50 gm

· Chia seeds 20 gms

· Lotus Seeds (Makhana Pool) 60 gm

· Jaggery 40 grams


· Boil milk along with cardamom powder and reduce to half.

· Soak chia seeds in warm water and keep it aside for 2 hrs

· Take ghee in the pan sauté and keep aside the lotus seeds

· Add chia seeds, Jaggery, sugar and Makhana Pool to it, Cook for 2 to 3 minutes till thickens. Serve Cold or warm.

Mr. Avinash Kumar, Executive Chef, Novotel Imagica Khopoli

Avinash Kumar is the Executive Chef at Novotel Imagica Khopoli. Bringing over 15 years of adept culinary experience, Chef Avinash will be responsible for curating and presenting innovative dishes with a distinctive twist. He will be responsible for spearheading operations and culinary teams of all the outlets at the property offering exquisite and modern gastronomy to guests.

Avinash’s area of gastronomic expertise predominantly lies in Western cuisine, with proficiency in Seafood and Nouville Western cuisines, as well. He firmly believes in curating an epicurean experience for his guests by constantly experimenting with varied ingredients.

Having studied in IHM Mumbai, Avinash, a food and beverage enthusiast, has worked with some of the renowned hotels including The Lalit, New Delhi, The Lalit Golf & Spa Resort, Goa, The Holiday Inn Resort, Goa, Vivanta by Taj Holiday Village, The Taj Exotica, Goa and more.

Avinash’s skill set includes menu planning and engineering, budgeting and resourcing, vendor management, food safety and hygiene, forecasting, cost control, and quality control. His impeccable attention to detail and hardworking nature has led to his achievements in the hospitality field. He enjoys experimenting and improvising with varied flavours and cooking styles to suit the modern day palate.

In his spare time, Chef Avinash takes ardent interest in shopping, photography to unwind and rejuvenate. He also takes a keen interest in travelling. He believes that learning a cuisine is never complete without knowing the people and culture of a particular place and creating dishes according to different tastes and preferences.