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Spreading Black Magic in Food-Rohit Malhotra

Avni Jain


To the man who bought black in the food industry with a bang-Mr. Rohit Malhotra.

Rohit initiated the black burger concept and it turned out to be a superhit idea. The dark snack became popular in Japan in 2014.U.S. based companies “McDonald’s” and “Burger King” had a thriving battle for the black bun, black cheese, black sauce and black pepper beef buns.“Somebody had to introduce it here and we did it,” said Rohit Malhotra. He currently holds the office of the “country head, Barcelos India”. Barcelos is a South African restaurant chain which started its operations in 1993. The company plans to establish more than 20 outlets with a new and transformed menu,  exclusively designed for the Indian market. With his constant motion of creativity, he made an experimental palette and it gave the food industry, something new and refreshed.