Soapy Secret: Bringing delight to your bathing


Kolkata, November, 2021- Body bars, so pretty you feel bad even using them… handmade soap crafted from natural ingredients is having its moment in the sun. From eco-warriors taking care to reduce plastic packaging to self-care fiends who prefer luxuriating in the soapy goodness of organic, pure ingredients, scrubbing away your sins of the day has never been more indulgent.

Keeping this unfaltering trend in mind, Devyani Mehta forayed into the art of making soaps. She started soap making as a form of therapy and decided to share the love of bathing with everyone, in the form of her brand, ‘Soapy Secret’ which aims to change the conventional bathing style. The brand produces boutique style handmade soap and natural body care products. Designed to enhance the bathing experience by utilizing Butters and oils like Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil etc, the soaps are paraben and sulphate free too . The lingering fragrances used in the soaps are imported from the US, hence ensuring that they are ambrosial and distinctive.

Your skin is the reflection of you, and thus it requires special attention to thrive and glow. Therefore whenever it comes to selecting the right skincare products — one should not haste. The moisturizing organic natural soap recipes from ‘Soapy Secret’ are meticulously developed to produce a mild, skin-nourishing soap that offers a magnificent long-lasting lather and leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and radiantly healthy. Moreover, these hydrate the skin, retains moisture, and is not harsh on your skin .

The USP of the brand is their range of Dessert soaps which is all organic and adds a fun element to your daily bath. The soaps are available in the shapes of delightful cupcakes, pastries, Popsicles and the likes which make you want to look forward to your bathing routine. The flavours include raspberry, blueberry, chocolate, ice cream, strawberry and vanilla. While the products look deliciously edible, they are actually made for your skin! With so many styles of soaps to choose from, you’ll find just the right gift for any occasion. Our soaps come gift boxed, and are the most unique gift & a real treat for all ages. 

Apart from soaps, you will love their daily care bath products like Whipped Sugar Scrubs, Mood Bath Salts, Lip Scrubs, Lip Balms and Bath Bombs that will leave you amazed. 

So get your hands on this range of bath products for a happy and perfect bathing experience. Sending Bubbles all the way!