Social Media Marketing: Myths & Realities


Are you planning to hire a Social Media Agency for Social Media Marketing (SMM) or simply building your own strategy for social media promotion of your brand? Well, there are few factors to keep in mind before heading out in direction – the most essential of all being sure of myths and realities for your topic-of-concern!

Myth: SMM is just a brand awareness tool.

Reality: It also builds a relationship with consumers by providing them value such as entertaining scripted content, user-friendly videos and much more.

Myth: Branding can wait, till will take a break!

Reality: People love to be part of an evolving brand, as it makes them hold a special connection with the brand.

Myth: Organic Social Media is more effective than Paid Media

Reality: The News Feed is becoming increasingly competitive on social media, and Paid Media helps a brand to beat the competition! A brand should use a mix of both to maximize their chances.

Myth: SMM is overnight fame!

Reality: No pushing! No selling! SMM is a value generator tool that connects a brand with its consumer, sourcing required entertainment and engagement to them!

Myth: SMM is low cost!

Reality: A company selling cheap social solutions will only bring your brand a bad reputation! Not all Social Media Agencies are created equal.

Myth: SMM is feeble medium as compared to the traditional one.

Reality: Mere exposures to brands make people hold positive sentiments for the brand.

Myth: SMM is everyone’s cup-of-tea!

Reality: You need skilled hands to design, produce and execute the volume of creative needed to have successful social channels.