The Indian-Australian Chaiwali


HospiBuz Desk

‘Chai brings Australians’ together.Wait  What??? Indian-Australian Chaiwali. As in ‘garam garam chai turned in hot hot tea’!!!

Sounds interesting. Right? Well, this interesting person is Uppma Virdi and she is a famous chaiwali in  Melbourne. Chai is love but it’s quite a normal right. So what’s so magical about this Indian-Australian Chaiwalli? Their magic comes from Ayurveda. They specialize in high quality Ayurvedic Indian teas. The products are crafted by Uppma herself and they are pure, natural, sugar-free, preservative free and caffeine free. I mean what else would you need in your tea?  Chaiwalli teas are people’s favourite these days.

Their tea comes directly from the Assam Valleys of India. They have their own warehouses where they blend, craft and pack their tea and then it is sold in Australia. They also run educational workshops where they teach the art of crafting  Ayurvedic tea. They also hold events, Chai-Bars to motivate people and enlighten them about the soul-satisfying ayurvedic teas. Uppma crafts the teas perfectly by balancing herbs and spices. This knowledge was passed onto her by her grandfather, Dr Pritam Virdi. The concept of Chaiwalli is a tribute to his legacy.

I must say, their menu is ravishing. Chai hot cross buns, Chai sticky date pudding, Chaijito, Chai ice-cream, Iced Chai, Chai apple crumble. It is very difficult for a Chai lover to control their palate after hearing all this. Isn’t it? Well, my taste buds are already going crazy.

It was not easy to run a tea business in Australia as people there are more inclined towards coffee. When she went to Australia she found there, lack of good quality tea plants. That’s when she got an idea of Chaiwalli. Her business prospered because of her interesting Ayurvedic Concept and also people there were searching for an alternative for coffee. She left her job as a lawyer and started this Chaiwalli business. It took her blood and sweat but it bore the fruit and finally, this interesting Chaiwalli paved her way in Melbourne after so much hard work and dedication. She won the title of Businesswoman of the year in Sydney in 2016.

I am dying to taste this Ayurvedic tea and its innovations. Are you?