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The new pizzeria in town serving the taste of Neapolitan


Brand Profile

Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a world where pizza is just a call away? Well, on speed dial you should
have Mumbai’s latest pizzeria joint – Cheeky Pizza. A non-conformist and sassy brand that’s ripped up the
rule book by taking the best of Neapolitan Pizzas and infusing them with incredible Indian flavours.

Topped with unique ingredients, bold combinations and an authentically saucy menu, Cheeky Pizza offers
a change of pace within the more traditional pizzeria scene. Featuring a lovable and unmistakably jaunty
panda with a slice of pizza, Siddhant Sidhwani, CEO of Foodgasm Hospitality explains, “I wanted a name
that would be very catchy and easy to connect with. It had to be conversational,” he says. “Cheeky just
sounded too smooth and I could already imagine people saying ‘let’s grab some cheeky tonight’.”

“We take our pizza seriously”, he says. “From thin-crust and hand-tossed, to saucy, cheesy and loaded
with impressive toppings, you’ll find it here.” Inspired by Neapolitan pizzas, the flavours are curated to
match Indian taste buds, serving decent affordable 10 inch pizzas through take-away and a drive-through
concept, up until 3am, especially for those wild midnight cravings. They also have a delivery along with a
take-away option to ensure their scrumptious pizzas are delivered piping hot straight at their customer’s

Despite the competitive price-point, the brand aims to bring gourmet pizzas and pastas that feature the
San Marzano Tomato Sauce with cheeky ingredients, and decadent cheese that has been sourced from a
farm in Gujarat (known for creating quality cheese in India for over 30 years). The packaging uses
compression, cushioning and optimum ventilation to ensure the pizza doesn’t reach you soggy, and you’re
always enjoying a gooey slice of goodness.

Some of their popular favourites include the signature Spicy Three Meat pizza which combines Bacon,
Smoked Ham and Pepperoni, to create an exotic meat pizza. The Bacon Carbonara brings flavours of
parmesan and bacon with ground black pepper on a mozzarella base. Pesto and Parmesan features the
house pesto base with fresh mozzarella combined with Sicilian olives and Red Thai Chillies. Their
signature Margherita uses authentic Buffalo Mozzarella, while the Penne Alfredo is their signature Creamy
White Sauce that makes the pasta appetizing and flavorful.

Founder Profile
Siddhant Sidhwani is a passionate foodie. His love for food and inquisitiveness on exploring different
cuisines, knowing the ingredients origins is what led to the inception of the House of Cheeky.
He is a Business and Management graduate from Kingston University and began his entrepreneurial
journey with Antigravity Club – a boutique fitness studio in Mumbai. After a successful stint of over two
years, he went on to chase his dream of starting his own hospitality venture influenced by his fun-loving

For Siddhant, House of Cheeky was giving life to his idea of owning his pizzeria which evolved into a
cloud kitchen that delivers some of the best binge-worthy comfort food in the maximum city. With new
joints opening up every second day, Cheeky has managed to carve out a niche for itself, with its inclusive
brand personality, top-notch food in terms of quantity, flavors and ingredients used.

Siddhant’s vision from running his own pizzeria has now evolved into a wider and macro perspective,
giving rise to a central kitchen with one labour task force serving up multiple gourmet offerings such as
Cheeky Pizza, Cheeky Buns alongside Cheeky Fries. His need for detail and perfection is what drives the
unique offerings. The brand envisions expanding its base with two to three kitchen headquarters in every
metropolitan city in the near future.