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A day started well, ends well. This should be a philosophy in everyone’s life. We often complain about the bad day especially at times when we are extremely busy. Now the question is how to make a busy day, a better day? Obviously with a fresh start.

HospiBuz Chefs is on the mission of Decoding the Heroes of Hospitality. Every day we are in conversation with chefs to discuss their lives. As we all know a chef’s life is not a cake walk. They have challenges to face. They spend a long day in the kitchen. Since we are trying to decode them we asked them a few questions about the industry and few about their own time in the kitchen. The one question which was common for most of them was, “What is the first thing that you do when you enter the kitchen”? We have received a lot of answers to this question. Let’s see the top five answers to this question.

I first wash and sanitize my hands. No doubt you can only cook hygienic food when you know the importance of hygiene. Chef Swayam Thorve of Grand Hyatt Mumbai prioritizes washing his hands before doing anything else.

The aroma is in the kitchen so are the germs, make sure to wash your hands.

Checking the hygiene of the kitchen and then mise en place. A kitchen where the food is prepared should be clean as well. Chef Pawan Bisht of Mango bar and kitchen makes sure that his kitchen is clean before he starts his day.

Make a daily hygiene routine for better cooking.

Namaste is the first word used by Chef Dalip Singh of Marriott Hotels to greet his team members before starting the day. Teamwork requires interaction, understanding, and love. And good teamwork can make the day a  success.

Closeness remains with people who feel like sunshine.

Cracking Jokes the team members is another good way of starting a day. Chef Anas Qureshi of Molecule makes sure that each and every member of his team is in a good mood to start the day. A good leader for sure knows how to make his team work properly.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Black Coffee in the morning and a mindset of learning something new every day. A start filled with zeal is a perfect start according to Chef Navdeep Rawat of Sofitel Dubai. No one can stop a person who is determined. A learning mindset is what everyone should have.

You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want.

These are the top 5 answers according to HospiBuz Chefs. These answers are Hospi Approved.

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