Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

HospiBuz Desk

Ghosts! Zombies! Vampires ! are all ready. They are decorating the graveyard in a more scary manner. Skeletons have already started practicing for their epic dance performances and Witches are preparing their recipes filled with blood and sweet poison. Spiders and bats already went out to purchase candles and pumpkins. They are all set for Halloween. Are you?

Halloween is all about candies and cocktails and I am showing you some wonderful stuff for your Halloween. So pay attention if you don’t want to make the Ghosts and Witches upset.

So from the Magical Grimoire of the Witches here are some wonderful mocktails.

Jekyll and Bin

This drink looks stunning. It is glowing and obviously, it contains magic. Once you drink it you won’t be able to control your palate.

Black Magic Margaritas

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Black magic… scary. It’s tasty as well.

Sweet Poison Cocktail

Sweet Poison Cocktail

It is sweet but obviously contains poison which is must for halloween.

The risen from the Graveyard

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This is the famous drinks which helps vampires to to rise from their grave. I am surely trying it. Are you?

Cotton Candy Shots

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Party is incomplete without shots. So I brought you some.

Good and Evil Cocktail

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It looks stunning. Fusion of Good and Evil.

Image result for Gel Glow Shots

Gell Glow Shots

Another magical glowing shots.

Bourbon Milk Punch

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Something for milk lovers.

The Witches Heart

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The beauty of this drink is worth dying for.

The Purple People Eater

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Here comes the blasting people eater. Be aware!

So here ends the great menu of halloween. Now you are all set for halloween. Invite some ghosts and witches and vampires and enjoy the party. And if you want to go to a graveyard for their party, contact me. I’ll take you there.