WelcomHeritage opens new property in Jaisalmer – WH Kalyan Bhawan


New Delhi, 3 April: WelcomHeritage (WH), India’s largest Heritage Hotel Chain has added one more property to its existing portfolio – WelcomHeritage Kalyan Bhawan in Jaisalmer.

WelcomHeritage Kalyan Bhawan was the former home of the Ruler of Jaisalmer – Maharawal Jawahir Singh ji and was called as ‘Kanwar Pada’, meaning Princes’ Residence in local parlance. It is a centrally located property amidst the walled city of Jaisalmer. The property features 22 exquisite rooms and has been refurbished in the original art deco style to meet the require-ments of the modern traveller and caters to both leisure and business travel-lers who want to enjoy the local flavors of town.

The former haveli was an old mansion which is now recreated so as to make the property contemporary to the present day times. Along with many recrea-tional services like Roof-Top Dining, traditional Massage Services and Swim-ming Pool available at the nearby WelcomHeritage Mandir Palace, the hotel offers three unique categories of rooms to choose from.

Talking about the new property, Mr. Sanjeev K Nayar, GM, WelcomHerit-age shared, “This is the 34th operational property of WelcomHeritage and we are extremely happy with the new addition. Out of 34 operational properties, we have now 12 in Rajasthan. This property has its own unique charm and ca-ters to both leisure and business travellers who want to stay within the walled city of Jaisalmer and enjoy the local flavours of the town. Very soon we will be adding few more properties in Rajasthan, South and North-east region. We are looking at adding around 3-4 more properties by the end of this financial year”.

For a sumptuous culinary experience, guests can choose to dine at nearby WelcomHeritage Mandir Palace’s Roof-Top Restaurant (which offers a pano-ramic view of the Jaisalmer Fort). The cuisine includes traditional Rajasthani, Indian, Chinese and Continental options. The Live Tandoor at the Roof-Top Restaurant has a special menu and guests can see and smell their order being cooked in the live furnace. Special arrangements like private dining, birthday

or anniversary dinners can be organised on request. Guests have a range of dishes to choose from its menu or interact directly with the chefs to custom-ize a special dish to suit their taste buds.

Apart from that, WelcomHeritage’s latest addition was WelcomHeritage Ayat-ana in Coorg, in May 2018 which is a part of the strategic expansion plan in South India.

About WelcomHeritage

WelcomHeritage is a joint venture between ITC Ltd and Jodhana Heritage. It represents some of the finest traditions of heritage hospitality and tourism in India. WelcomHeritage offers 37 exclusive properties, ranging from grand palaces to traditional havelis to magnificent forts and quiet nature resorts. WelcomHeritage Hotels have their presence in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Sikkim, Haryana, Punjab, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Delhi. Sitting in regal poise all over the country, all of these destinations are gateways to the finest of Indian legacy and culture. The intrinsic philosophy of WelcomHeritage ex-ists in identifying heritage properties in distant locations and helps to restore them. Every WelcomHeritage location embraces all the attributes for a mem-orable holiday, giving one an opportunity to carry away all that is extraordi-nary, while at the same time affordable, unique and without being over-priced or over-the-top. WelcomHeritage offers experiences which are exclusive, thus delivering extra value to guests. Each hotel has a secret to share, a story to tell and so will you.